A composite decking enhances the landscape of your yard and gives your garden or lawn a good look.

Composite decking is fantastic, and it is better than that of other decks. This makes it to be widely used by homeowners to deck their outdoor space. 

The methods of building decking in our time have changed because homeowners want decks that will protect their landscape and beautify it.

This makes deck owners conscious of the textures and the colour of their decks and brings to light the way deck edges are made.

Decking edges are rough and distort the appearance of the deck when viewed from the side.

Improvements have been made, and several techniques of hiding the deck edges have been created. 

When you use one of those methods to cover the edges of your decks, it will make the edges match gorgeously with the top.

You can even make the colour of the edge to be different from that of the top to improve the beauty of your decking.

One way you can hide the edges of a composite deck is by utilizing the picture frame method.

Another way of covering the edges of your decks is by fastening trims to it. There is a third method is to paint the side. 



Using the Picture Frame Method

When you install a decking board around the frame of your decking, the process is known as picture framing.

This is because the frame that the decks will be placed on will look like the structure of a picture frame when you have finished it. 

Note that this method might cost you more because you will have to buy more decks.

Also, this technique of covering your deck’s edges requires advanced planning so that you will get a good result.

The deck board will be attached to the frame at the edges and slightly raised up so that it will accommodate the height of the decks when the frame is covered with them.

How to Hide the Edges of Composite Decking?

It is this outer board that will be visible when the decking is viewed for afar instead of the rough edges of your decks. 

After you have covered the perimeter of your decking with boards that run around it, you can begin to install the decks. 

Installing the decks is easy, and you can use surface or hidden fasteners.

The benefits of the picture frame method are that it makes your decking look better. This compensates for the extra amount that you spend when making the picture frames. 

In addition, the picture frame makes the stairs of your decking visible to those who are visually impaired.

Also, it is easy for you to sweep things off the surface of your deck because the frame will not impede the movement of dirt from the deck.


Using Trims

Using trims is different from the picture frame method and involves using a composite decking board to cover the edges of your decking.

It is just like using a timber board to hide the edges of your house roof so that the planks used in constructing the roof will be concealed. 

This method of covering the edge of your composite decking is cheaper than the picture frame method.

All you need is a board of matching colour that you can put where you want to cover. Trims are also good if you want to install steps at the side of your decking. 


Painting the Decking Side

Another way of hiding your composite decks’ rough edges is by painting.

This method is not expensive, and it is recommended by Composite Warehouse. The paint to use for the task is good latex paint. 

It will give your composite decks’ edges a good finish, and the colour of the paint will match that of the decks.

Also, paint is resistant to weather and will not fade quickly like other paints.




Hiding the edges of your composite deck is possible using three methods, which are building your decking using the picture frame method, using trims to finish the sides, and painting the edges with paint.