Artificial grass, fake grass, synthetic grass, or whatever homeowners call it is not easy to install. Not at least for homeowners that have little experience. But this does not imply that garden owners can’t try. That is why fake grass suppliers recommend that homeowners hire an expert to help lay their grass. Homeowners with the “can do” attitude can go ahead and install the grass. After all, to lay artificial grass, all you need is the spirit, which will drive you to work and the right tools for the job. If you are a handy person, how do you lay down artificial grass? 

What You Need for Laying Down Artificial Grass

Aside from the “can do” spirit, which is necessary to install grass, homeowners also need some tools. It will be helpful if garden owners are familiar with using those tools before commencing the installation. 

  • Artificial Grass Cutter
  • Shovel
  • Sharp Knife
  • Joining Tape
  • Adhesive
  • Tape Measure
  • Tampering Planks
  • Broom
  • Hammer
  • Galvanized Nail

Artificial Grass Cutter: This tool is what garden owners will use to cut the fake turf into shape when laying the grass. 

Tape Measure: Garden owners need this tool to measure the length and breadth of where they will install the grass. 

Shovel: If you must level the ground, you will install the grass; the right tool for the job is a shovel. Garden owners will also use it to apply sharp sand on the turf. 

Tampering Plank: To make a solid base for your fake grass, you have to apply gravel and tamper the ground with the tampering plank to make it hard. 

Galvanised Nail: You will use the galvanized nail to fix the edges of the fake grass to the ground. 

How Do You Lay Down Artificial Grass?

Preparing the Base of the Artificial Grass

After getting the tool that garden owners will use for the job, they have to prepare the base for the grass. To prepare the base, garden owners should ensure that the area is free of debris, weed, and tree stump. Ensure that you remove anything that can obstruct the fake grass. Then, you should lay the base for the grass. To do that, homeowners should spread gravel evenly on the area where they intend to lay the turf. Most fake turf suppliers will recommend that you lay a layer of underlay pad underneath your grass. The underlay pad will add an extra cushioning effect and drainage to your grass. 

Ensure the Area Is Properly Drained

When preparing the base for your artificial grass, you have to consider drainage. How will rainwater flow in your garden? If you have a waterway on your lawn, you should plan for it as you lay your artificial grass. Draining your grass is crucial because, without proper drainage, you might flood your lawn when there is excess water. 

Remove Grass

Grass can sprout underneath your fake turf after you have installed them on your lawn. When this occurs, weed will produce an unpleasant situation for garden owners. Homeowners should ensure that when laying their grass, they should take their time to remove the weed. Also, adding a weed membrane to the area you want to install your grass will help prevent weed growth. 

Tamper the Base of the Grass

After removing grass from the surface where you want to install the grass, you have to add gravel. The essence of adding gravel to the base is to provide a solid base for your fake grass. When homeowners add gravel, they will create an uneven surface that needs tampering. You should use the tampering plank to make the surface of the ground smooth. Tamper until you are confident that the surface is even before you move to the next stage. 

Laying the Artificial Grass

After preparing the base for the grass and ensuring that it is solid, you have to start laying the fake turf. Unroll the synthetic grass over the surface where you desire to install it. Ensure that you don’t move the weed membrane in the process. Garden owners should be certain that the grass covers the area thoroughly before then start trimming excess grass. Trim the turf around the border of the area, and they use galvanized nails to fix the edges of your grass. 


How do you lay down artificial grass? To lay down synthetic grass, garden owners must follow the steps we highlighted in this write-up. You have to prepare the base, tamper the ground, and lay and trim the turf to lay down your synthetic grass. 

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