To replace a wood decking with composite decking, all you have to do is remove the old wood boards. After the old wood boards have been removed, you can put new composite boards.

Are you wondering if composite decking can be placed on wood decking? You can install composite decking over a wood decking if you want to.

If composite decking is placed on an existing wood decking, the weight of the decking will increase. This might cause the joists to collapse after using the decking for some time.

So, it is advisable that you remove the wood decking board first before you install the composite boards.

Removing the wood decking might seem stressful and a waste of time, but it is the right thing to do.

You will discern why removing the wood decking is the right thing to do when you read this article.

How to replace wood with composite decking will be examined next.

Step One – Remove the Old Wood Boards

Removing the old wood decking boards is the first thing to do. The tool you need here is a nail puller claw. You should put the nail puller claw where the nails are driven into the boards.

The nail puller claw will extract the nails from the board. When the nails have been removed, you can lift the boards up.

Step Two – Inspect the Joists or Frame

Inspecting the joists is the next thing to do after you have removed the old wood decking. This next step is crucial because it helps you to identify fault or rot.

Remember that it was advised that you removed the wood decking first. Removing the old wood decking will make it possible for you to inspect the joists for crack or rot. 

Your joists must be able to support the composite decking. If you identify a rotten board, you must replace it immediately. You can protect the joists by using decking joists tape.

Joist tape prevents the joist top from absorbing moisture and prevents rot.

Step Three – Arrange the Composite Decking

Arranging the composite decking boards on the joists is the next thing to do now. If your composite decking is positioned near your home, start from the side of your house. 

How you install your composite decking depends on the type of boards you want to install. If you are installing ungrooved composite boards, you need screws for the task.

The board needs to be screwed down using the surface installation method. Also, f you are using grooved composite decking, then you need clips and fasteners.

You should start installing from the side of a structure. The type of clip to use here is the starter clip. This clip pin down the board to the joists.

For the other composite decking boards, use T-clips. T-clips is a clip that is shaped like the letter T, and it can hold two decking boards together.

The clips work with screws, and it is the screws that are used to pin the starter and T-clips to the joists. So, instead of screwing the boards directly to the joists, it is the clips that are screwed.

The advantage of clips and fasteners is that it creates a very smooth surface. Grooved board is unlike ungrooved composite boards that use screws. 

The screws will appear on the surface of the decking and will distort it. That is why most homeowners prefer the grooved composite boards.

You should certain to leave at least a 5mm gap between the composite boards. This is to accommodate the expansion of the boards. Note that plastic wood decking expands to the sides when they are heated.

So, that is why a 5mm gap will make sure that your decking boards will not sag or remove when they expand.

Step Four – Finish the Edges

You can finish the edges of your composite decking with trim boards after installing the boards. 

how to replace outdoor decking

This method of covering your decking edges is effective and not expensive. In addition, it makes your composite decking edges beautiful to look at.

Step Five – Tidy Up

You have to tidy up your decking by removing unused materials from the site. After you have done, you should clean the surface of your composite decking.


Replacing wood with composite decking starts with removing the old wood and changing it with the composite decking.

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