Installing composite decking is very easy and full of exercise if you are good at handling things with your hand.

This process is fun to do, and you can do it with your family members or friends.

To install your decking, you have to do some math to know where to put the frame that will support it. 

The materials that you will need to install your composite decking are simple to utilize because they don’t require that you have much technical knowledge.

Also, you will have to buy the composite decking that you will use in the market. 

Note that there are different makers of composite, and they produce different kinds of decks.

You must choose the type of decking that will fit the location that you want to install. Also, you need screws if you want to use surface fasteners. 

If you plan to use a hidden fastener, you must buy grooved composite decking and use clips to hold the decks to the joists.

  In addition, you will need measuring tapes and chalk or marker to mark where you will put the frame.

If you have a drilling machine, you can use it to screw down the screws.

How to Install Your Composite Decks

Step One – Map Out the Location

What to do after buying the composite decking and getting the tools ready is to map out the area that you will place the decks.

This can be achieved by utilizing measuring tape and markers. Mapping out the location will let you know how high the decking will be from the ground. 

You will be able to know how wide your decking will when you map out the location. Also, you will be apt to set your deck at the right gradient.

When you have mapped the place, you should dig the spot where you will lay the foundation.

Step Two – Build the Frame

The frame must have pillars made of wood or steel that sink deep into the ground. This structure must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the decking.

It can be high from the ground or close to it, depending on where you will put the decking. 

If the deck is the same level as your garden, then the structure will not be too high.

install outdoor decking

But if the deck is part of the house and serves as a balcony for a second floor, then the structure must be very strong.

The frame must have pillars made of wood or steel that sink deep into the ground.

These pillars will serve as the foundation of your decking. When the pillars have been set, the joists that you will lay the composite on should be constructed.

The joists must be spaced adequately, so they will be in line with the guidelines set for installing composite decks. 

Also, you should not lay the joists parallel to your house. They must be laid perpendicular to the house so that the decks will be laid parallel to the building.

The space between the joist should not be more than 16 inches. 

Step Three – Arrange the Deck

Arranging composite decks is easy if you have built a good foundation and laid the joists appropriately.

When laying the decks, you should start from the side of a wall or your house and take it out from there. 

This will make the task of fixing the composite decking easier for you.

If you’re using concealed fasteners to install the decks, you should use the starter clips to start the first set of boards that are close to the building.

After using the starter clips, you can use the intermediary clips or T-clips to install the remaining.

If you are using a screw, you should arrange the first board and drive the screw in with a screwdriver.

Also, you might have to cut the decks to shape to fit into the side pillar.

Step Four – Cover the Edges

After arranging the decks on the joists, you should cover the edges of your decking.

There are several ways of covering the edges of your decks. One way is by building the frame in the picture frame style. 

This style enables the deck edges to be covered by the boards that you used to cover the perimeter of your decking.

Other ways of covering the edges are by using trim or painting the edges after they have been made smooth.

Step Five – Clean the Deck

Cleaning the deck is the last step and can be done with a broom or any other tool that you have. This is to give your decking a good look and to remove any unused material from the site.


Installing a composite decking is easy, and you can do it with your family and friends.