Composite wood decking is one of the best materials in the decking industry. It is unlike timber decking that degrades quickly. Also, composite decking lasts longer than timber. If you want to know how good composite wood decking, you have to consider the attributes.

Composite Wood Decking Attributes


One main attribute not composite decking is that it is durable. What durability means here is that composite wood decking is resistant to external pressure. Like insect attack and elements of weather. Note that how resistant a decking material is determine how long it will last. 

Wood or timber decking is not resistant to weather elements unless you treat it with chemicals. After using timber decking for a long time, it will degrade and lose its durability. Composite decking does not need chemicals and will not degrade quickly. This makes it possible for you to use your composite wood decking for up to 25 years. epending on the grade that you purchase. 

Resistant to Insect and Weather

We mentioned before that composite decking is resistant to insects and weather. This statement is right because termites and other timber devouring insects will not destroy composite decking. If you install your composite wood decking outdoors and rain water pour on it. he improved surface of composite decking will prevent water from entering the decking.

 This implies that composite decking will not swell, rot, warp, or splinter like timber decking. When the temperature changes, composite decking will expand. Provided that you leave the right space between the boards during installation. 

Composite Decking Is Easy to Maintain

Another advantage of composite decking is that you can maintain it easily. cleaning with a light fabric and soapy water. That composite decking is easy to maintain makes it easier for you to do the cleaning. Without having to spend your cash purchasing paint or stain. Timber decking, for example, has a laborious maintenance. 

You must sand, seal, stain or paint your timber decking for it to look good and to stay long. Composite decking does not require all those laborious maintenance because it is easyclean. Removing oil spill or grease smear from the surface texture of your composite decking is easier. This because it does not absorb stains like timber decking. All you must do is scrub with a brush with soft base and rinse with a hose or a power washer. 

Material Composition

The material composition of composite decking is another thing to consider. Unlike timber decking that contains only natural wood, composite wood decking is a mixture of timber fibre and plastic. Not only that, composite wood decking is processed in a factory where they mix the timber fibre and plastic with an adhesive to make it stronger than other decking types. 

It is the material composition of composite decking and the fact that it is a synthetic material that makes composite decking durable and to last longer than timber.

Aesthetically Pleasing

good decking

Composite decking is aesthetically pleasing than timber or wood decking. What this implies is that when you install composite wood decking, it will be more attractive than installing timber decking. If you want to convert your back garden space to a contemporary garden, you must use composite decking for the task.

 One thing about composite wood decking is that the colour or surface pigment will not fade rapidly like that of timber decking. This implies that the 15 years warranty of your composite decking covers the colour. Although composite decking will lose a little amount of colour after some week after you have installed it, the colour change is not noticable. 

Should I Use Composite Decking?

The right answer to that enquire is yes. If you want an attractive outdoor space that looks modern or contemporary, you should use composite decking. Note that this decking type is not only durable and strong, but it will resist insects and the pigment will not fade rapidly. 

Also, composite wood decking is unlike timber decking because it is easy to take care of. So, if you want the best decking material that is worth every penny you spend on it, why not consider composite decking for your outdoor project. Composite decking is so good that it gives your outdoor space an attractive look. 


How good is composite wood decking? Composite decking is the best material you can use for your decking because it is durable, lightweight, and at the same time strong. 

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