Plastic fence is good; in fact, it is one of the best fencing materials out there in the market. Using plastic or composite fence will ensure that you get a durable fence that will last long. Let’s consider the reasons why plastic fences are good.

Plastic Fence Is Durable

One reason the plastic fence is good is that it is durable and strong. The durability of a fencing material affects its longevity. Since composite or plastic fence is durable, then it will last longer than wood. The difference between plastic and wood fence durability is that plastic fence will resist insect attack and mother nature elements. 

This means that termites will not attack composite fences like wood fences. Termite will not destroy plastic because plastic is not food for it. Timber is food for insects, so that is why termites will quickly attack it. Aside from termite, composite fences will also resist other wood-eating insects. 

 Another reason composite fences are good is that they will resist the pressure agents of mother nature. What this implies is that weather frequently affects fences. Wood fences, for example, will easily disintegrate if you use them for a long time as a result of heat. 

Also, a wood fence will absorb moisture. Excess moisture in wood fencing material will make it swell and rot. If the wood fence should dry quickly, then it will shrink or break.

 Plastic fence is unlike a wood fence in that it will absorb little moisture. This implies that it will not shrink or break when it dries. Also, plastic fences will not rot like timber fences. The reason for this is that the plastic fence has a plastic-coated surface that makes it take in little water. 

Composite Fence Is Easy to Maintain

This is another reason plastic fences are better than a wood fence. Although composite fence requires maintenance, the way you maintain it is different from how you maintain wood. One thing about a timber fence is that it requires sanding, sealing, staining and painting. 

Homeowners will sand their wood fence because they have to paint it. This is to ensure that the surface of their wood fence is smooth before they paint it. When the top of the wood fence is smooth, then they apply the paint. composite fences do not need painting like wood fences.

 So, no reason to go through the laborious task of sanding your composite fence to make the surface smooth. To clean or take care of your plastic fence, all you have to do is use a cloth to wipe the surface. If you install your composite fence close to a muddy area, then mud will become a problem.

But removing mud from the surface of the composite fence is not a problem. You can use a water hose to spray the mud off the body of the composite fence. Oil spill on the body of your composite fence is also not an issue. You can remove grease by scrubbing your composite fence with a brush with soft edges. And when you have finally scrubbed the grease, you can rinse the body of your fence with a hose. 

Plastic Fence Is Attractive

How Good Is Plastic Fence?

This is another reason composite fences are good. There are different colours of composite fencing panels that you can buy in the market. You can purchase grey, brown, black, white, and oak plastic fences. All these fencing colours are beautiful and appealing. If you are familiar with wood fences, you will know the traditional timber look.

 If you don’t want the old wood look of timber fence, you can paint or stain it. That is why a wood fence must be painted if it is given a separate colour. Also, you must apply the pigment to your wood fence on a yearly basis so that it will remain attractive. 

Another thing about composite fence colour is that it will not fade quickly like wood fence colour. You can use your plastic fence for 20 years, and the colour will last that long. Timber fence colour will not last long; you must paint it yearly. 


How good is a plastic fence? Plastic fences are good for several reasons. Composite fence is easy to clean when it is dirty. Also, composite fencing panels come in different attractive colours.

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