Wood-plastic decking has come a long way and overtakes wood decking as the preferred choice for outdoor decking. As a synthetic or factory-made decking material, composite decking stands strong and will resist the elements better than plastic or timber patios. Despite increasing composite popularity, some homeowners are not familiar with this durable outdoor decking. This write-up explains composite decking and how it is used in construction.

What Is Composite Decking?

Explaining composite decking will be easier if you know what a composite material is. But if you don’t, we will just start by looking at composite materials. Composite material or simply composite is a construction material that contains more than one constituent. The constituents in a composite material are mixed so that they form a strong and long-lasting building material. Composite decking is similar to other composite like concrete and fibreglass.

 Concrete composite is a combination of cement and sand mixed with water to form a solid building material. Composite decking is an outdoor flooring material that has wood and plastic as its constituents. This flooring material is stronger than timber and plastic decking. Composite decking has the properties of both wood and plastic. It is stronger. It contains wood and is water-resistant because it contains plastic. 

How Is Composite Decking Used?

Composite decking has the attributes of strong construction material. Engineers design composite decking so that homeowners can use it to build their outdoor decking. This outdoor flooring material is the best material you can use to build your patio. Composite decking is used in the construction of beautiful outdoor decking. To achieve an attractive decking with composite, homeowners must use joists to support the decking. 

Building a composite decking is easier. You have to clear the space you will lay the decking on. After clearing the space for your decking, you have to dig holes into inserting the posts that will raise your decking above the ground. Then you should start attaching the frames to the posts and build the substructure. Laying the joists of your composite decking requires attention and skill. 

You must not space your plastic wood decking joists more than 16 cm apart. When you space your composite decking joists more than 16 cm, the joists can cause safety problems when you walk on your composite decking. Laying the composite boards on the joist is done with clips or screws depending on whether it is hidden or surface installation. 

Why Composite Decking Is Used in Construction

Plastic wood checking was created to replace timber decking. This outdoor flooring material serves as a better alternative to wood. Wood-plastic composite has lots of features that make it good for construction purposes.

Easy to Clean

How Is Composite Decking Used in Construction?

One reason composite decking is used in construction is that it is easy to clean. Cleaning the surface of the patio is crucial to maintaining an attractive look. Also, cleaning the top of your composite patio makes it last longer. Since composite wood is easy to clean, then it will last longer. Timber is not easy to clean because for it to last long, it requires more than cleaning. 

You must smoothen the top of the timber patio to prepare it for painting. Aside from that, you must seal the top of your timber patio to prevent moisture from destroying it. Wood-plastic composite does not require sanding or sealing because it is a synthetic material that does not require repainting or sealing.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The appearance of an outdoor patio matters. Composite wood decking has a good appearance because it has lovely surface pigment. The colours of wood-plastic decking are long-lasting and will last as long as your patio lasts. With composite, you can mix various colours if you decide to be creative. 

Light-coloured composite will go well with dark-coloured ones. Installing your patio in the open space will not make the colour fade. The surface pigment of composite wood decking is resistant to the UV rays of the sun. It will make wood-plastic composite less likely to fade when you build the decking in your garden. That is why homeowners are using composite decking in the construction of a beautiful outdoor patio or decking.


How is composite decking used in construction? Wood-plastic composite is used in the construction of beautiful outdoor decking. Homeowners use plastic-wood decking because of its durability, easy maintenance and its aesthetic attribute.

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