Looking for long-lasting composite decking to install in your garden? If you are in the UK, installing a composite wood decking that will last long is possible. Of course, there are different brands of wood-plastic composite decking, and each has its warranty. The warranty of your plastic wood decking affects how long it will last. While some composite decking makers guarantee that their decking will last for 20 years, others claim that decking will last for up to 30 years. This write-up looks at the various conditions that affect how long wood-plastic decking will last. And answer the question, how long will composite wood decking last in the UK?

What Is Composite Wood Decking?

Composite decking goes by many names. Engineers called it wood-plastic composite; homeowners called it composite decking or plastic wood decking. A composite is a material that is a mixture of more than one constituent. The components of composite decking are wood and plastics. Both components are used materials engineers mixed in a factory to form plastic wood decking.

 When evaluating composite decking, homeowners always compare it to wood decking. Wood-plastic decking is stronger than wood and more durable in terms of resisting insects and weather elements. The advantage wood-plastic composite decking has over wood or timber is that it will last long. But how long will your composite decking last if you are in the UK? Let’s consider what determines the lifespan of your composite decking.

Things that Affects How Long Composite Decking Will Last in the UK

Various factors affect how long composite wood decking will last in the UK. One of those things is the weather. Another factor is the type of composite decking that you install. Let’s consider how the UK weather affects your composite decking and determine its lifespan.

The UK Weather Can Affect a Decking

If you dwell in the UK, you will have experienced wet weather at one time or the other. The UK has a mild climate, as some scientists described it. Mild weather in the UK means cool, wet winter and warm wet summer. Although the UK climate can change from place to place, it is similar in most places. The UK has a wet climate, and the weather can become rainy at any time of the day. Wet weather is good, but when it comes to outdoor decking, wet weather is not too good unless the decking is installed under a shade. 

Wood decking will not perform well in wet weather. This is because timber will easily absorb water and moisture from the environment. And when timber absorbs moisture, the decking will swell and eventually rot. It will drastically lessen the lifespan of your wood decking. Composite decking stands different from timber decking. The surface is plastic coated and impermeable to moisture, implying that wood-plastic composite decking will not swell or rot. 

Making composite wood decking to last for a long time with little upkeep. One of the conditions for mould and mildew growth is dampness. Since the UK weather is wet, your decking can easily become damp. Timber decking will become damp when moisture settles on its surface. This will lead to mould and mildew growth. But thanks to the plastic coating of the composite decking surface, your wood-plastic decking will not become damp. 

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The Type of Composite Decking You Install

Note that we mention that the UK weather is wet and can cause dampness on a decking when it is installed outdoors. Damp conditions will shorten the lifespan of wood decking, but not plastic wood decking. To further improve the performance of your composite decking and ensure that it lasts longer, you should install the second-generation composite. 

This kind of wood-plastic composite has a plastic covering over the four sides that stop water from entering the board. Second-generation capped decking is not only good for the outdoors but also good for pool sides. If you want to surround the edges of your pool with decking material, you should select your decking wisely and install the right one. Also, second-generation decking will last longer; some will even last for up to 30 years.

You have seen that how long your composite wood decking will last if you reside in the UK depends on the type of composite boards that you installed. The UK weather is wet and wet weather requires composite decking with a plastic coating on its surface. This way, you will ensure that your wood-plastic decking will last for a long time.


How long will composite wood decking last in the UK? The lifespan of your composite decking depends on the type of decking you installed. The UK has wet weather that requires installing capped composite boards.

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