When building a deck, you have a couple of materials to choose from. One of the most used types of decking is plastic, along with wood and composite decking.

When deciding what to choose, most people will consider the price. 

How much is plastic decking cost compared to the other types of decks? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Is it worth it? These are some questions that we will answer today. 

What is Plastic Decking? 

Plastic decking is built using polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Unlike traditional decking, it contains no wood. It was first introduced in 2005 as a wood alternative. 

Since its conception, it has considerably improved in terms of quality and continues to be one of the top choices for decking.

Composite decking, which is called wood-plastic composites, are also sometimes referred to as plastic decking. 

However, it is not 100% plastic, as it contains wood fibres. It is an entirely different type of deck. Most companies, whether its PVC or composites, use recycled plastic fibres. 

There are different types of plastic-wood decking being sold in the market. They are beautiful and long-lasting.

plastic-wood decking

How Much Are Plastic Decking?

When it comes to price, plastic decking cost around £5 to £10 per metre price range.

It also depends on the quality and the brand of the PVC decking boards you’re buying. How is it compared to other decking materials?

Wooden decks are among the cheapest materials that you can choose. Wood decking sits around £5 per metre, while more expensive hardwoods cost at much as £10 per metre. 

So in general, wood decks are cheaper options. The only exception is exotic hardwoods, such as Ipe, which can cost as much as £15 per metre. How about when compared with composite decking?

 Composite decking price sits at the same range as plastic decking. Composite decking cost around £8 per metre. 

Advantages of Plastic Decking

Plastic decking has a few advantages and disadvantages over wood or composites. When it comes to durability, PVC is more scratch and dent resistant.

 It’s perfect for families that have dogs or pets, or those who are planning to place heavy furniture on the patio. 

Another advantage of plastic decks, like composites, are very easy to maintain. Unlike wood, you don’t need to stain, seal, and sand the deck every few years to maintain its quality. 

Plastic decking is also easy to clean, as you don’t need to buy special cleaning products. 

PVC decking is also more lightweight than wood or composites. Because of this, it is also easier to transport and install.

It also uses hidden clips and fasteners to lay down the boards. 

Plastic decking is also very resistant to other issues attributed to wood, such as rotting and moisture damage. 

It is also highly resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations, which can cause wooden boards to warp and bend. Overall, plastic decking is a durable and sturdy deck. 

Disadvantages of Plastic Decking

As good as plastic decking is, it has disadvantages. Because it is made with 100% plastic materials, it is the least wood-like of all decking types. 

While it does have some improvements, it still has a long way to go when it comes to aesthetics. However, many people like the look of PVC. 

Another disadvantage of plastic decking is that it is usually more slippery when wet, compared to composites. However, recent innovations, like grain texturing, increases friction. 

One of the biggest problems of PVC, especially the lower quality ones, is UV. Direct and prolonged exposure to UV light can cause the colour to fade over time. 

Not only will it cause fading, but UV exposure can also make the boards brittle and prone to damage.

Is it Worth It?

Overall, plastic decking is a good choice for a deck. It’s durable, highly resistant to moisture, and scratch and dent resistant.

However, it is not as wood-like as other types of deck. 

It is also more expensive than most wood and some composites. If you want a cheap deck, you may want to go for wooden decking instead.

 But if you want a strong and durable decking, without sacrificing the aesthetics, go for composite decking. 


Plastic decking cost around £5 to £10 per metre. Note that the price may vary depending on the quality and the dealer.

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