Building decking in your house is a good thing because of the value it will add to your home. There are different types of decking material that you can use for your outdoor flooring project. Composite and wood decking are two popularly known decking materials. Even though composite decking is better than wood, homeowners are still wondering if they should use it. This is because of the price of the decking material. So, how much does composite decking cost in the UK?

What Is Composite Decking Price?

Now that we know that homeowners are shying away from composite decking because of the price let’s consider the plastic wood decking price. On average, if you want to install composite decking in the UK, you will have to spend between £2000 and £3000 depending on the size or the square meter. 

Wood or timber decking UK installation is quite more expensive than that. You will have to spend between £1200 to £1800 depending on the square meter. That price of wood decking that we have just given is for softwood. Hardwood price is pricier than that and cost between £1500 and £2500 depending on the square meter. 

This infers that composite decking in UK is by far pricier than timber or softwood wood decking, while its price is close to hardwood decking. Since wood decking is cheaper than composite decking, homeowners are still using it. But some homeowners are turning to plastic wood decking because of its many benefits or advantages.

 Note that we use advantages because some homeowners consider the high price of the plastic wood decking as a disadvantage. Let’s consider the advantages of composite decking in the UK.

Advantages or Benefits of Composite Decking

1 Composite Decking Is Durable

One advantage of plastic wood decking UK that makes it worth buying is that it is durable. The durability of plastic wood decking is what will make it last for about 25 years, depending on the brand and grade that you purchase. Timber or wood decking will not last that long. When you install a wood decking, it will last for ten years. 

The difference between composite decking UK and timber decking lifespan is the way they resist elements of mother nature. Plastic wood decking will not splinter, break, warp or crack like timber decking when you installed it outdoors. This makes plastic wood decking a better outdoor decking material than wood. 

Aside from warping or breaking, plastic wood decking will not expand and warp like timber when the temperature changes. This infers that low or extreme temperature is not a hazard for your plastic wood decking. Another good aspect of composite decking is that it better resist termites and other insect-eating bugs than wood decking. 

This is because plastic wood decking is unlike wood, and it is not food for termites. Timber decking, which is simply treated natural wood fibre, is good food for termites, and they will destroy lumber quickly.

so strong can be used anywhere
easy installation

2 Composite Decking Is Easy to Install

This is another advantage of plastic wood decking UK that makes it worth purchasing. You can install our build your composite decking outdoors if you have the right skills. This enables you to save money that you would have spent hiring an installer. 

Also, plastic wood decking is easy to install because you can lift the boards easily. This makes carrying the boards from one place to another easy. Aside from that, you can install composite decking with simple tools like a saw, screws and drill.

3 Plastic Wood Decking Is Easy to Maintain

Another benefit of composite decking boards UK, if you don’t consider the cost is the way you maintain them. Like plastic wood decking installation, its maintenance requires simple tools, and the process is quite simple. When you install or build your composite decking outdoors, you only have to clean the surface with a cloth or a broom. 

You can also spray the top of your plastic wood decking with a hose if you want to do the maintenance task faster. Plastic wood decking does not require sanding, sealing or coating and painting like wood decking. This enables you to enjoy your outdoor decking rather than spend all your moment maintaining it.

 Also, composite decking will save money over the years. This makes the initial cost of composite decking irrelevant because you won’t spend your cash buying paint, sealant, or stain.

cleaning decking with just water


The cost of composite decking in the UK is quite expensive than wood. While you will spend between £2500 to £3000 for composite decking, You will spend between £1500 to £2000 for wood. This is not a problem because plastic wood decking has many benefits that make it more preferable to wood.

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