Installing composite decking in your garden can significantly increase your home’s value. When it comes to outdoor flooring, there are various decking materials to choose from, with composite and wood decking being the most popular. Despite the many features, advantages and benefits of composite decking over wood, the main concern among homeowners revolves around the cost of composite decking. 

Taking into consideration the reluctance of some homeowners to install composite decking, let’s explore the cost. To purchase and install good quality composite decking here in the UK from a trusted supplier for an average size decking space of 15 square meters will set you back between £2000 and £3000 including installation. 

so strong can be used anywhere

Comparatively, the installation of wood or timber decking in the UK is pricier. For softwood, the cost ranges between £1200 to £1800 per square meter, while hardwood comes at a higher price, ranging from £1500 to £2500 per square meter. Some exotic hardwoods can cost significantly more.

Composite decking in the UK is indeed more expensive than softwood decking and closely competes with the cost of hardwood decking. Despite the cost advantage of wood decking, some homeowners are turning to composite decking due to its numerous benefits as highlighted below.

easy installation


Composite decking is remarkably durable, good quality composite decking offers a service life of between 10 to 25 years, depending on the brand and grade. In contrast, wood decking typically lasts for about ten years when properly cared for and maintained.

Composite decking can resist the elements of nature such as splintering, breaking, warping, or cracking. Unlike timber, composite decking does not expand or warp with temperature changes, making it a superior outdoor decking material. Additionally, it is more resistant to wood-eating insects.

Easy Installation:

Another notable advantage of plastic wood decking is its ease of installation. Homeowners with the right skills can undertake the installation themselves, saving money on hiring a professional installer. The boards are easy to lift and transport, and simple tools like a saw, screws, and drill are sufficient for the installation process.

cleaning decking with just water

Simple Maintenance:

Composite decking is easy to maintain. After installation, cleaning the surface with warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush is all that’s required to keep your composite decking looking good for many years. For a quicker maintenance task, the decking can be sprayed with a hose. Unlike wood decking, composite does not require sanding, sealing, coating, or painting, saving both time and money over its years of service.

In conclusion.

While the cost of composite decking in the UK is higher, ranging between £2000 to £3000 compared to £1200 to £1800 for softwood decking, notwithstanding the potential cost to replace softwood decking due to the early onset of rot and decay, the numerous benefits of composite decking make it the preferred choice for many discerning homeowners.

Choosing a trusted supplier, offering quality composite decking boards versus softwood decking, your initial higher investment is offset by the durability, easy installation, and low maintenance, making composite decking a more practical and cost-effective choice overall.

Not all composite decking is made equally, do your research and choose a trusted brand and supplier.

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