Installing composite decking in your yard is the best thing to do if you want a beautiful and attractive lawn.

The cost to install composite decking might seem to be more expensive than that of its wooden counterpart. Note that ‘expensive’ as used here doesn’t mean that it is not affordable. 

In fact, the cost is just some pounds more than the wood decking when calculated. 

But, when you think about the benefit of composite decking, you will understand that installing it is worth every pound that you spend.

One thing you should think of is that composite decking will outlive wood decking.

Composite decking is more beautiful than wood decking and can withstand any kind of weather condition.

cost to install outdoor decking

When you contemplated the fact that composite decking is strong and will not absorb water like wood decking, you will not hesitate to install composite decking in your house. 

Also, when you step on a composite deck, you will not fall because of its anti-slip surface.

There are several things that you must consider before making your budget when you are about to install composite decking. 

Those factors determine the total amount that you will spend and enable you to set aside the right amount for your project.

You have to think about the cost of hiring a handyman for the job.

Also, you have to factor in the cost of other materials like the substructure and the screws or clips.

Factors that Influences Composite Decking Cost

Hiring Handyman

Composite decking is like other building structures that have to be installed and it must be installed by experts for it to stay well.

Note that an expert, in this case, can be a handyperson whose job is to install composite decking.

You might have to hire more than one handyman if you are putting your composite decking in a wide space. 

If you are proficient at doing things yourself, you can install your composite decking.

This will enable you to utilize the money you would have spent on a handyman or handywoman on something else.


To install composite decking in your garden, you will need more than just the decking boards.

You have to place the decks on something that will support it and let it stay in place.

The size of the frame can be large if you have to lift the composite deck above the ground. The frame you will place the composite deck on will cost money to construct too.

 Also, you have to buy rails if your composite decking will have a railing at the side. There are the composite decks that you will purchase too.

This is what you will spend a large part of your budget on. The price of a composite deck is not fixed because it depends on the maker and the size of the board.

The Size of Your Composite Deck

The size of your composite decking will affect your budget. This is because a large area will consume more decks while a small area will not consume as many decks as a large one.

To determine the size of the place you want to install your composite decking on, you have to measure it in square foot. 

Composite Decking Installation Cost

Remember that it was stated that the size of the area affects how much you will spend when putting the composite decking in your yard.

The cost of installing composite decking is also determined by the brand of composite decking that you purchase. 

Some brands offer a good deal when you want to buy from them, while some sell expensive composite decks.

So, if you are installing the composite deck in a large space, then be ready to spend more money. You will pay an amount that is between £5 and £11 on the decks and between £3 and £8 on labor. 

So, if you are to calculate the price per square foot, you will add labor with the cost of buying the decks.

Assume that you spend £5 on the decks and £3 on labor, it will give you £8 per square foot.

If you are to install the composite deck in a space that has an area of 300 square feet, you will spend £2400 for installation.


So, you can see that the cost of installing a composite deck is affected by the brand, the labor, and the size of the area.