Composite decking will give you lots of benefits when they are installed in your house.

One of the benefits you will derive from installing composite decking is that they last longer than wood decking 

This is beneficial if you have installed wood decking in your lawn. And you want to change the decks to composite decks.

How Plastic-Wood Decking Are Made

The reason behind composite decking longevity is because they are made with durable materials. 

Those materials are timber fiber and plastics that have been thrown away and then recycled.

The wood fibre and plastics are refined in factories. After, they are cut into sizes so that the board they formed can be used as decking.

Another benefit composite decking offer is that they are stronger than wood decks.

When you consider the aesthetics of composite decking, you will realize their importance. Wood-plastic decking will give you a beautiful finish when they are used for decking.

This is because makers of wood-plastic decking finish the decking with different colors and textures. 

You can get the wood finish if you are a lover of wood and want the wood looks on your composite decks.

Also, you can colour-mix your composite decking when they are being installed. When you do that, you will get a mixed colour after you have installed the decks.

Aside from that, composite decking are easy to install if you want to install them yourself.

This means that if you are a handywoman or man, you can grab your tool and fix your composite decks, and the process will be as easy as exercising to you. 

For you to achieve a stress-free installation process, you need to follow the set guidelines when installing the decks.

One of those guidelines is to leave enough space between the composite decks.

How much gap you need to leave between the composite decking will be considered in this article.

Why Composite Decking Need Gaps Between Them

Decks, whether synthesized or timber, will widen when they are left to high temperatures. It is true of other structural equipment utilized in building houses.

What this infers is that you have to anticipate the expansion of composite decks when installing the decks.

Tips for Installing Composite Decking

When you want to install your composite decking, you have to start by constructing the frame or structure that you will install the decks on. After building the structure, you can set the decks.

Build the Structure

Building the structure that will hold your composite decking starts with clearing the location that you will place the decks.

Then, you should note the spot that you will place the pillars that will raise the joists above the ground. 

When the foundation of the structure is ready, you can start attaching the joists to the pillars that raised them up.

The joists are laid so that their length will be straight to the building and should be placed at a maximum distance of 16 inches apart when they are being installed. 

Lay the Decks

When the joists are ready, you can start laying the composite decks on them.

The right way to do this is by starting from the side of your house and extending the installation outward.

You can utilize screws if you want surface installation, or you can use the hidden installation method. 

The hidden installation method makes use of clips and screws that are not visible after the decks have been installed.

You should use the starter clips to install the first deck and the T-clips for the remaining decks.

Leave a Gap Between the Composite Decking

When installing the decks, you have to leave a minimum gap of 5mm to 6mm between decks to accommodate expansion.

How Much Gap Do You Need Between Composite Decking?

This distance allows for the movement of debris off the decks and for proper drainage and ensures that water will not settle on the deck. 

Also, where the decks join a surface like a wall or a rail, you should leave a minimum of 6mm between the surface and the decks.

Cover the Edges

This is the last stage of installing composite decks and can be done using trims if you did not build your decks like a picture frame.


How much gap do you need between composite decking? You should leave a minimum of 5mm to 6mm gap between the decking when installing your composite decks.