Homeowners are installing composite decking in their home because of its benefits. This decking type is visually appealing and the best spot for you to have your outdoor activities. But with all the beauty of composite decking comes the price. There is no gain emphasizing that wood-plastic composite is more expensive than timber decking. Wood decking used to be the most common and has since been replaced by composite decking. So to install a wood-plastic composite decking, you have to spend more cash than timber. One kind of wood-plastic decking that you can install is the 12 × 24 board. How much is a 12 ×  24 composite decking board?

Price of Composite Decking

The price of wood-plastic decking boards varies according to the grade. Most wood-plastic decking suppliers sell two or more grade of composite decking. Those grades have their different benefits which include long lifespan and durability. But the general price of composite decking is between £20 and £24 per board.

 This price is not constant because the sizes of wood-plastic decking vary. The larger the composite board, the more expensive the decking. Generally, a composite board is around 12 × 24 which is 288 square feet. That is the normal size of composite boards. This decking board can cost £20. But if you want to go for premium 12 × 24 boards, you will spend more. 

Composite Decking Cost Per Square Meter

The price of wood-plastic boards per square foot also varies. And it exists in a range. You can get wood-plastic decking for £20 and above per square foot. Overall, wood plastic decking cost about £1600 for 15 square meters. This price includes the installer cost and waste removal. So, if you want to install your composite decking in a space that is 150 square meter wide, then you will spend £16000 to install. This price is much higher than installing timber decking but wood-plastic composite is worth it. 

Advantages of Wood-plastic Composite

The price of wood-plastic composite is enough to discourage homeowners from installing it. But that has not been the case because homeowners are installing it day by day. This is because of the many benefits of wood-plastic decking. 

Composite Decking Has Visual Appeal

12 × 24 Composite Decking Board?

One benefit of wood plastic composite is that it has visual appeal and add beauty to your garden. This means that if you want to create a beautiful theme or a contemporary garden, then you can use composite decking. It has several colours or surface pigments that you can choose from. There are grey, brown and oak decking boards. 

Aside from that, there are wood-grain or matte finish composite decking that looks like wood. Installing this kind of composite board will give you a modern wood look. Another thing about the colour of composite decking is that it fades slowly unlike timber that fades quickly. This implies that when you install your wood-plastic composite, the decking will stay shining for a long time. No need to stain or paint wood-plastic composite decking during maintenance.

Composite Decking Is Easy to Maintain

Another benefit of wood-plastic composite that makes buying it worth it is because you can maintain it effortlessly. You don’t have to sand your wood-plastic decking. Sanding is done on wood decking before it is painted but since you don’t have to stain or paint your composite decking, then no need to sand it.

 Aside from sanding, there is no risk of mould growing on your composite boards. This makes removing mould from composite decking unnecessary. To clean your wood-plastic composite decking, you will need a cloth and a garden hose to rinse the top clean. Also, if you must remove stains like oil and grease, you will use soap, brush and water to clean the top. 

Composite Decking Is Resistant to The Elements

That composite decking is resistant to the element is why it will not swell and rot. Also, when insects like termites attack composite decking, they will not eat into it. The extra coating of plastic on the surface prevent termites from reaching the wooden core of the decking. Also, the plastic coating prevents moisture from getting to the core of wood-composite decking. That is why it will not swell and rot as a result of exposure to the elements.


Installing composite decking boards comes with lots of benefits. But wood-plastic composites are more expensive than traditional timber. You have to know how much is a 12 × 24 composite decking board to know how much you will spend to install your decking.

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