When building a fence, the first thing homeowners consider is their budget. Homeowners will calculate all they need and the amount they will spend to purchase them. How much is a composite fence vs wood fence?

Homeowners have always wondered how much is a composite fence compared to a wood fence. This is because composite fences have been gaining popularity recently. 

Most homeowners are at a crossroad and don’t know which to choose between a composite fence and a wood fence. This write-up explains composite fence and wood fence cost.

Plastic-Wood and Wood Fence Price

A composite fence cost more than a wood fence. This means that you will spend between £8 and £20 per foot to install a wood fence. But a composite fence will cost £12 to £42 to install.

 Note that the price may vary because of the type of fence that you install. If you want a picket fence, then it will be far cheaper than a privacy fence. 

Is Wood-Plastic Fence Worth It?

Now that you have known that a composite fence is more expensive than wood, the question to ask is, is a composite fence worth it? 

The answer to the question is yes. A composite fence is worth every amount you spend on it. Aside from the nice look that a composite fence gives your yard, a composite fence saves money.

Plastic-Wood Saves Money

When you construct a fence, you won’t leave the fence like that. The fence has to be maintained. This process of strengthening structural materials can be time-consuming and cash wasting.

Wood fences, for example, will need plenties of cash to maintain. This is because you have to oil, sand, stain or paint your wood fence. The reason is that the wood fence will get damage if you don’t.

Remember that you need cash to purchase the paint, stain, oil, and seal. Also, you might hire a handyman to maintain it for you. If you don’t, the chore will be time-consuming and back-breaking.

Composite fences don’t need all the painting, oiling, staining, and sealing of a wood fence. And this implies that you won’t squander money maintaining it.

But this doesn’t infer that composite fences are not maintenance-free. All you should do to maintain your plastic-wood fence is give it a simple cleaning. 

If there is dirt on it, just remove it with a broom. Or, you can spray water on the fence. 

Plastic-Wood Is Beautiful 

Another reason a composite fence is worth installing is that it is beautiful. The difference between composite fence and wood fence is noticeable. 

composite fence vs wood fence

A composite fence has a beautiful finish. Even when it is finished in a wood grain texture, a composite fence still shines more than a wood fence. 

Also, composite fences come in various colours. You can get red, grey, dark-grey, oak, brown, and dark-brown fences. All these colours will match your yard perfectly.

Plastic-Wood Fence Is Lightweight

This is yet another reason for installing plastic wood fences. That it is lightweight means that you can carry it easily from one place to another. 

Also, moving it during installation is easy and not stressful. You can cut the panels into size easily when installing the fence. This makes it very good.

Plastic-Wood Fence Is Resistant to Insect and Rot

That composite fence is resistant to insects and rot is another reason it is worth installing. When you install your fence, insects like termite will not eat it. 

Also, bugs that attack wood fences will not bore holes into it. Again, the composite fence will not splinter when exposed to fluctuations in temperature.

 It will not break or warp like a wood fence when exposed to the heat of the sun. The colour is timeless. This infers that it will not fade or wear out after you have used your fence for a long time.

So, you can see that a composite fence is more expensive than wood. But it is better than wood because it is durable, requires less maintenance, is resistant to insects and weather elements.


How much is a composite fence vs wood fence? A composite fence is more expensive than wood, and it is better than a wood fence.

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