Composite cladding is a durable material that you can use to reinforce your house. It provides insulation and also prevents moisture from entering your home. 

It further protects the walls of your house from mould and mildew. The inability of mould and mildew to attack your home makes the structure more durable and lasting.

 If you are contemplating installing composite cladding in your house, you might have to consider the cost. How much is composite cladding vs. wood? 

Cost of Purchasing Composite Cladding vs Wood Cladding

Cost of Wood Cladding

Wood or timber cladding is one of the cheapest options for external cladding. How much it costs to install wood cladding depends on the size of your project. If your house is large, then you can expect to spend more cash to install wood cladding on it. 

If it is a small one, then the price will not be much. It is estimated that you might need around 600 boards of wood cladding to cover a single-storey building.

So, you will spend about £3000 to protect the wall of your house. Or, as you can put it this way, wood cladding costs £20 per m2.

 Note that the price of wood cladding is not consistent. It changes regularly, so you should prepare for price changes. Also, the price mentioned above depends on the type of wood cladding you want to install. 

Cost of Composite Cladding

Composite cladding is more expensive than softwood cladding but is close to hardwood cladding. Also, how much you will spend depends on the size of the project. You can now guess that a large project will cost more money than a small project. 

If you want to cover a single-storey building, you will need about 600 boards. The number you need might be more, depending on the design of your home.

So, this implies that you will spend between £4000 and £6000 to install composite cladding in a single-storey building.

To put it differently, that is between £30 and £40 per m2. Note that the composite cladding price is not consistent. The cost of composite cladding depends on the brand you purchase and the surface finish. 

So, it is evident that composite cladding is more expensive than wood cladding. It does not mean that composite cladding is not suitable. Composite cladding is better than wood cladding for many reasons.

Low Maintenance 

One of the many benefits that composite cladding has over wood is that composite cladding is easy to maintain. Wood cladding needs lots of money to keep.

You have to purchase the stain, paint, and sealing material that you will use to maintain your wood cladding.

 But since you won’t paint, stain, or seal a composite cladding board, you will save your cash. Calculate the amount you will spend maintaining wood cladding for ten years. 

And compare it with the amount you will spend maintaining composite cladding, you will realise that wood cladding is not cost-effective.

Also, composite cladding saves your time—no need to squander your time doing the laborious task of maintaining your cladding. 

Composite Cladding Is Immune to Insect and Weather Elements

Note that, unlike wood cladding, composite cladding is not made of 100% wood. Since wood cladding is made of wood, it is not immune to insect attacks. Wood cladding is treated with chemicals to make it healthy. 

This chemical treatment of wood will only work for some time. When you use your wood cladding, the wood loses its durability and becomes susceptible to insects and mould. 

Plastic wood cladding, on the other hand, is long-lasting and does not lose its durability. It won’t warp, splinter, or break if exposed to fluctuating temperatures. Also, mould and mildew will not attack plastic wood cladding.

Composite Cladding is Aesthetically Pleasing

Composite cladding is better than wood, sure, but other cladding materials are similar to composite cladding. The advantage it has over them is that they can be customised to look like wood.

How Much Is Composite Cladding vs Wood?

 This makes composite cladding the perfect replacement material for wood. And that is why most homeowners love plastic wood materials.


How much is composite cladding vs. wood? Composite cladding costs more than softwood, but its price is close to that of hardwood. Using composite cladding offers many benefits that surpass the cost of installing it.


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