The cost of installing composite decking is more than that of installing wood decks.

This implies that you will spend more money to install composite decking than you would on a timber deck in an area of the same size. 

For example, if you want to install composite decks on a space that is 100 Square feet, you will spend between £2433 to £3650.

Wood decks, on the other hand, will cost between £1217 to £2028 to install in the same space. 

Note that the amount you will spend on installing your composite decks is given in a range. This is because there are different types of composite decks, and the type of decks affects the price. 

Grooved composite decks, for example, are more expensive than ungrooved composite decks.

Also, capped composite decks cost more than the uncapped composite decks, because of the extra polymer that is used to coat the top. 

Aside from that, makers of the composite decks do sell their decks for different prices. In addition, the size of the decks that you will use matters because composite decks of different sizes are sold for different prices. 

Large size composite deck boards are more expensive than small size composite decks board. It is because large-size composite deck boards cover more space than small size composite deck boards.

Composite vs. Wood Deck Price

Composite decks cost more than wood decks because of the materials used in making them.

You will spend £24.33 to £36.50 per square feet on composite decks. Trex composite decks, for example, cost £47.15 per board. 

This price is for a Trex Transcend that is 25×140×3660mm in size. A Trex composite deck that is 25×140×4880mm cost £62.88 per board. Wood decks also vary in price like the composite decks. 

Pressure-Treated wood, which is wood treated with a chemical, cost between £12.17 to £20.28.

Hardwood like cedar cost between £20.28 to £24.33 plus installation. Note that a hardwood price is nearly the same as a composite deck. 

Also, the price given here includes the cost of installing the deck. So the price can be less if you are good at installing things, and you want to install your composite deck by yourself.

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Why Composite Decks Are Prefered to Wood Decks

Despite the fact that composite decks cost more than wood decks, they are still preferred to wood decks.

In fact, composite decks are becoming more popular than wood decks and are being used for decking. 

Low Maintenance Cost

One thing about wood decks is that they cost more to maintain than composite decks. It is because they do require oiling and sanding on a yearly basis.

Note that the oiling and staining that you give to wood decks are necessary for their survival.

 Synthesized decks, on the other hand, only need tidying up to make them look good.

When you calculate the amount you spend maintaining wood decks, you will realize that it far exceeds that you will spend on a composite deck. 

For example, estimated that if a homeowner fixes wood decking in his or her home for 12 years, the homeowner will spend about £3655 to maintain that wood decking for 12 years.

 If the homeowner installs composite decking instead, it will cost as little as £16.25 to maintain the decks per year, so that will give £195 in 12 years.

It shows that composite decks are still better than wood decks despite the fact that they have a high upfront cost.


Composite decking are more durable because of the wood-fiber and plastic that are used in making them.

It means that when you install composite decks in your yard, the decks are going to stay for years without getting damaged. 

Composite decks can last for up to 25 years or a lifetime, while wood decks can last for 15 years. Also, composite decks are strong and made to resist insects that want to destroy them. 


Synthesized decks are finished with several colours, like grey composite decking, that homeowners prefer. These colours give the decks a glamorous look.

Also, composite decks can be made to look like wood with the wood-grain finish. In addition, composite decks colour does not fade quickly, like wood decks.


A composite decking upfront cost is more expensive than a wood deck. But when you consider the amount that you will spend on maintaining wood decks, you will realize that composite decks are better than wood decks.