So you have decided to install composite decking in your garden, and you want to know how much you will spend. Keep reading this write-up to understand the cost of installing plastic wood decking. The amount homeowners will spend to install their composite wood decking depends on the grade they purchase. There are several kinds of wood-plastic composite, and the grades differ in quality. Low-end composite wood decking is cheaper than high-end composite decking. You will pay between £50 and £100 per square meter to install your plastic wood decking. The final amount garden owners will spend on how big the decking is. So, how much should I spend on composite decking?

Composite Decking Price Range

Note that there is no specific amount garden owners will spend to build a patio with composite decking in their home. The final amount depends on the grade of plastic wood decking and the size. Another thing homeowners must consider is whether they will install the decking themselves. Most wood-plastic decking suppliers have different grades of composite lumber decking. The top-grade composite lumber has attributes that surpass that of the lower grade. 

Although the lower grade plastic wood decking has less aesthetic value and lifespan than the top grade, they are still better than timber. Depending on the plastic wood decking supplier, high-end composite sells for about £100. Other composite lumber suppliers will sell it for more than that, with some selling for £120 per square metre. Homeowners that are low on funds can choose to install the low-end plastic wood decking that sells for £50 per square meter. Some decking suppliers sell their low-end plastic wood decking for £30 per square metre. 

How Much Will It Cost to Build Composite Decking?

The total amount homeowners will spend to erect their plastic wood decking varies. The price and the grade of the boards are two factors that affect the amount homeowners will spend. Another thing that will affect the amount homeowners will spend is the size of the patio. If you plan to construct a large patio, then be ready to spend more on the decking. The large the size of your decking in a square metre, the more money garden owners will spend. A 100 square metre composite decking will cost more money to install than a 50 square metre decking. For homeowners to know the right amount they will spend to build their wood-plastic decking, they have to calculate the area they will build and then multiply it with the size of the boards. 

Building Your Composite Decking

Installing composite decking

Before Homeowners know the exact amount to spend on a decking, they have to prepare the place they will erect the patio. This process involves removing plants and any material that might obstruct the decking. Then measuring the area homeowners will build their decking is the next thing to do. Small size should not consume lots of decking boards, but a large size decking should. Measuring the area will enable you to know how many boards to purchase and how much to spend.

 If you plan to build a 100 square metre plastic wood decking, you will spend at least £5000, to purchase composite decking that will cover the area. That is, if you go for the low-end plastic wood decking. Homeowners that decide to use the high-end decking will spend £10000, or £12000 on the decking boards. Note that this amount is just for the decking purchase and does not include the installation cost. After purchasing the wood-plastic composite boards, you can start thinking of installation. Homeowners can install their decking themselves without hiring the service of an installer. 

Hiring a decking installer will affect the amount you will spend to build your composite decking. While the amount your decking installer will charge may vary, you can work with your supplier to get an installer that will not charge much. But homeowners must be to pay the decking installer they hire what is fair. How much homeowners pay the installer also depends on the size of the decking. Since a large decking will take time to install, garden owners will spend more to erect a large decking.


How much should I spend on composite decking? The amount homeowners will spend on their composite decking depends on the grade and quality of the boards. Also, it depends on whether they will install their decking themselves or hire a decking installer. 

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