For some time now, homeowners have thought that they can’t build a decking frame on their worn-out concrete slab. The excellent news is that folks can now build decking frames on concrete. So, if you have an old concrete that requires replacement, you can simply build composite decking on it. 

 The process is easy provided that you understand what it takes and know the steps from the beginning to the end. If you know what it takes, then building a decking frame on concrete will be as easy as pie. This write-up explains in detail how you can build a decking frame on a concrete slab. 

Step One – Evaluate the Concrete Condition

Before you start building the decking frame on concrete, you should evaluate the concrete condition to know the extent of the damage. If you just want to cover cracks and craters, then you should not worry because they won’t pose any threat to your composite decking. 

But if the concrete is badly damaged with some part sunk below the surface then you should consult our expert so that they can assess the condition for you. Also, make sure that the down of the concrete is firm before you install your composite decking frame on it.

Step Two – Get All the Tools

You will need tools if you want to install your composite decking frame yourself. Tools that you need are a hammer, drilling machine, nails, screws, planks, measuring tapes, shovel, digger, and markers. You need a hammer to break the concrete surface if you have to. Also, you need a measuring tape so that you will know the extent of your decking and be able to mark the spots.

 The kind of planks that you will need for your decking frame is one that is pressure treated with chemicals so that it will last long. This is because your planks will come in contact with water. A drilling machine is important because it helps you to pre-drill the plank when you are installing your decking frame.

Step Three – Install the Sleeper System

When you are installing your decking frame, we recommend that you don’t install it directly on the ground. This is because if you install the joist on the ground, water will touch your joists and they will not last long. So, the solution is for you to install your joists on a sleeper system. Lay the planks in the direction of water flow. You can know the direction of water flow by looking at the wall of your house.

 You should lay the planks so that they will face the wall and not run parallel to it. This will allow water to flow from the wall out of your decking frame. After installing the sleeper system, you can install the joists on it. Note that aside from treated planks, you can use aluminium as the sleeper system. Aluminium is better because it won’t absorb moisture and it won’t decay.

Step Four – Install the Joists

The joists are a set of planks that have been treated with chemicals. It is on these planks that you will lay your decking boards. Note that the sleeper system and the joists make up your decking frame. You should start installing your joists by using screws and clips to hold them down to the sleeper system. You should pre-drill the wooden frames so that they will not split. Then, you can connect the joists to another until you have finished installing everything. 

Step Five – Lay the Composite Decking Boards

Laying the composite decking boards on the joists is the next thing you should do. You should start from the side of a wall or an edge and take it to other parts. Use starter clips to install the first sets of boards. After that, you can install the subsequent boards with intermediate clips. 

build outdoor decking on concrete

The starter clips have hooks that enable them to hold down the decking boards, while the intermediate clips are shaped like T. The top of the T will hold down two decking boards.  Ensure that you leave a gap of at least 5mm between the boards. This is for expansion and contraction. After laying the boards, you can cover the edges with a fascia to make it look beautiful.


You can install a decking frame on concrete if you know how. Please ensure that you follow the steps we outlined in this write-up to get the right result.

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