Planning your rooftop decking with composite decking materials must be done carefully. Aside from obtaining the permits needed to start building the decking on your roof, you must have some decking installation skills. Most homeowners are not skilled at using tools and installing decking. Note that since you are installing the decking on your roof, you must be careful not to destroy the roof. This write-up titled, how to build a rooftop composite decking will help you to know what to do when you want to build decking on your roof. Also, if you are not good at using tools, reading the steps will help you know if your decking installer is doing it right.

Things You Need to Build a Rooftop Composite Decking

Before you start building your rooftop decking, you have to plan the decking. A little point to note here is that you can’t even start without planning. Planning your rooftop composite decking involves drawing what the decking will look like. Also, it involves knowing how you will ventilate the base of the composite decking. Water must run off the top of your roof, so when planning your decking, you should leave space for water runoff. 

When you have planned your decking by drawing it, you should get the composite materials you will use for your decking. Aside from composite boards, you will need a frame system to put in between your decking and your roof. What to use for the frame varies. Some homeowners use a sleeper system, while some use wood, making them different from others that use aluminium.

 The wood frame system will not last long. If you desire the best frame system, you should go for aluminium which is expensive but requires less maintenance.  You will need clips to install your composite decking and drilling machine, as well as a saw to cut the boards. These tools are attainable in a store, and if you have them, you can just bring them out. 

Installing the Rooftop Composite Decking

Step One – Mark Your Rooftop

Unlike ground decking installation that requires digging holes for posts or using concrete slabs, rooftop decking doesn’t require all those. You have to prepare the surface of your rooftop by implementing the design plan that you have created. Note that your composite decking should not be too high, and you must mind the high of your parapet railing. Every flat rooftop must have a parapet railing or other form of fall protection. If your roof doesn’t have one, you should install a parapet immediately before fixing your composite decking. Mark the top of your roof with chalk so that you will know the height of the decking. 

Step Two – Install the Decking Frame

build a rooftop decking

Sleeper frames are less expensive, but their cons make them not the best option. Wood framing is another option for your roof, but timber requires much maintenance. Else it will degrade. Also, timber framing may be too heavy when you fix them on the roof of your home. Wood joists or frames will rot, warp or splinter with time. An aluminium decking frame is another option. Unlike timber, aluminium will not rot, splinter, warp or break. You can use aluminium joists or frames.

Step Three – Install the Composite Boards

After installing your aluminium joist, you can start attaching the composite boards to it. Since you are using composite decoding, you don’t have to worry about rot, splintering and swelling. Arrange your composite board on your frame so that they run perpendicular to it. If you arrange the frame vertically, your composite decking boards should be arranged horizontally. It is best to start installing your computer boards from one corner of your rooftop. Start with a starter clip and install the first sets of boards. Then you should install the remaining with intermediate clips. Intermediate or T-clips are designed to hold down two composite boards. Using clips and fasteners will make your decking attractive and provide a safe walking surface.

Step Four – Finish Your Decking

You can finish installing your rooftop composite decking by adding a pergola to it, or you can simply add an umbrella. This will enable homeowners to sit on their rooftop protected from the sun.


If you yearn to know how to build a rooftop composite decking, this write-up explains how you can go about it. Follow the advice to build decking on your roof.

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