Fencing your garden is one way to keep your pets on your property and to keep pests away. Also, with good fencing like a composite fence, you can add beauty to your garden. A fence around your garden will give you the chance to relax on your patio and enjoy the view without being spied on. But installing good fencing material can cost a lot. That is why most garden owners go for cheap fencing material. But cheap fencing can also mean less durable fencing. This write-up explains how to choose an affordable garden fence that will last long.  

How to Identify an Affordable Garden Fencing

If you want an affordable garden fence that will last long, you have to check its initial price and its maintenance. 

How Much Does a Fencing Material Cost?

While it might be difficult to say how much you will spend on fencing your garden, we can say that fencing material comes at different prices. For example, timber fencing is affordable because it has a low initial price while composite is not. Garden owners will spend much more to install composite fencing on their property than they will to install lumber. Plastic fencing also costs more than timber fencing material. So, a garden owner that places priority on price instead of quality will go for wood fencing. 

The style of your fencing also determines how much you will spend. Garden owners that desire a complete privacy fence will spend more to make the fence than on a simple pallet or picket fence. The height of your garden fence also matters. A short fence will not cost as much as a high fencing design. So, you have to consider the design and type of your fence when searching for an affordable fence. Note that while some fences might be affordable, their lifespan might be less. They will turn out to be not affordable in the long run because you have to spend more cash to reinstall the fence. 

How Do You Maintain the Fence?

Fencing equipment that is easy to maintain is affordable. To maintain a fence, garden owners must clean the surface to remove mud or soil. Most fencing materials require a maintenance process that is more difficult than that. After installing them, garden owners must sand the panels in preparation for painting. And after painting the fence, garden owners must seal the surface to prevent water absorption. Painting and sealing a fencing surface will cost more cash, making a fence that has a low initial price to be less durable. 

Choosing an Affordable Garden Fencing

There are several garden fencing materials that you can use on your lawn. While some have a low price, others are expensive. 

Wood Fencing

One fencing material that seems affordable at first is wood fencing. Timber is easy to purchase and install. Garden owners will spend less cash to buy wood fencing and to pay an installer to install it. With wood fencing, you can build a large privacy fence around your garden, or you can build a pallet fence. But wood fencing is not affordable. This is because timber garden fencing is not easy to maintain. Maintaining wood fencing can be a pain to anyone that installed it. 

Timber fencing needs cleaning to keep it free of dirt. Aside from that, garden owners must tend to the appearance of their timber fences. And this means painting the fence. Before painting the fence, homeowners must sand the surface to make it smooth for painting. And after painting your fence, you must reinforce the surface with a sealer to prevent moisture absorption. This shows that timber fences, although cheap, are not affordable. 

Composite Fencing

Choose an Affordable Garden Fence

Composite fencing has a high price. When you decide to install it, you will discover that the panels cost more than timbers. But composite fencing is considered one of the most affordable materials to use in your garden. This is because homeowners will spend less to maintain their wood-plastic fencing. There will be no need to purchase paint or stain to improve the appearance of composite panels. Also, garden owners don’t have to seal their plastic wood fencing panels surface to prevent moisture. If garden owners compare the amount they will spend to maintain their composite with timber, they will discover that composite is more affordable. This is in addition to the fact that composite fencing will last longer than timber fencing. 


To know how to choose an affordable garden fence, you should consider the initial price and the amount you will spend to maintain it. Composite fencing has a higher initial price than wood, but it costs less to maintain it. Besides, composite lifespan is twice that of wood. This means that composite fencing is an affordable garden fence.

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