How to create a modern or contemporary garden with composite decking, composite fencing, and beautiful flowers is easy. When you read this write-up, you will have the experience, and you will be inspired to create your garden. 

The art of gardening is at the next level with homeowners looking for ways to maximise their garden potentials. Whether your garden is a small space in your backyard or whether it is a large space, you can make a contemporary garden. 

This type of garden is not like those of former times that contain flowers only; instead, it is a garden type that replicates the luxury of your home. It is like bringing your house outside to your garden. You will put your cushion, your table, and your grill in your garden to make it look modern.

Aside from tables, chairs, and kitchen equipment, you can build composite decking and fix composite fences in your garden. You can use these plastic wood decking and bars to create a consistent theme in your garden when you install both in your yard.

Create A Modern Garden With Composite Decking

Composite decking is an outdoor flooring material that provides a space for you to relax on when you install it. Markers of decking make it with durable recycled materials – wood fibre and plastics. Aside from being durable, composite decking is aesthetically appealing. 

You can get plastic wood decking in different colours. Also, it has an improved fade-resistant surface that loses a little amount of colour when you install for a long time. Composite decking is the perfect replacement for wood decking. Timber decking required laborious maintenance.

 You will sand, seal, oil, stain and paint your wood decking to make it last longer. Plastic wood decking does not require sanding, staining, oiling, and painting. These attributes of composite decking make homeowners prefer to do wood decking. As a durable material, composite decking fits any garden perfectly. 

Installing composite decking in your garden is one way to make it look modern. To do that, you have to partition your garden to know where you will place different things. When you know where to put your composite decking, then you can proceed to build it.

Building Your Composite Decking

It would help if you did this when you know where you will fix the decking. First, you can start by clearing the area. Since you are building the composite decking in your garden, grasses will surround the decking. Ensure you don’t destroy grasses where you will not install your composite decking. 

After clearing the spot, you can build the structure or frame you will place the composite decking boards. Use treated wood or composite panels for the joists. Note that the composite decking you are building should be a ground-level decking. For more advice, read how to lay composite decking on grass. 

So, For a step by step instruction on how to build the joists, read how to build composite decking. When you have finished making the joists, you can lay the composite decking boards on it. Start from one side with the starter clips. After installing the first set of composite boards with starter clips, you can install the remaining with intermediate clips.

 Ensure that there is a 5 mm space between the decking boards because of expansion and contraction. After installing all the composite panels, you should finish the edges with trims. Then clean the surrounding of your decking.

Things You Can Put On Your Composite Decking

modern garden with outdoor decking

When your composite decking is ready, you can make it lively by putting tables and chairs on it. Also, you can put a rug on your plastic wood decking if you want. Aside from carpet, you can build a pergola on your composite decking.

 A pergola will ensure that you sit in your garden even during the summer days when everywhere is hot. Since pergolas don’t have sides, you can hang flowers on the side to further enhance the beauty. Also, you can put a soft sofa on your composite decking inside the pergola, so that you can relax on it. 

You can arrange flowers on your composite decking if you want. Ensure that you plant grasses around your composite decking. And make sure you create a walkway or step with composite boards or stone. The next write-up will address how to make your garden beautiful with a plastic wood fence.


How to create a modern garden with composite decking is straightforward. To do that, build a composite decking in your garden. Also, make a pergola, add chairs and table on your composite decking.

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