Composite decking is made to resist the elements better than other decking types. Timber decking will warp, crack, break, or splinter when heat or changing temperature act on it. One advantage of composite decking is that it is strong. This makes plastic wood composite durable. As a durable decking material, composite decking is warp or sag resistant. But it does not mean that plastic wood composite is warp-proof. When building the decking, homeowners will like to save their cash by installing it themselves. Most homeowners do not know the best practice when installing their decking. That is why composite decking will warp. This write-up explains how to fix warp composite decking.

Why Composite Decking Warp

We mention before that plastic wood composite is a durable decking material that lasts longer than another decking because of its strength. But it does not imply that composite decking is damage free. If you don’t install your plastic wood composite well, then there is a good chance that it will warp.

How to Fix Warp Composite Decking

 Amateurs that try to build their composite decking without seeking technical advice don’t know the required spacing between the boards. When they fix the boards to the joists, they do it with little to no spacing. So, when the weather becomes hot, the plastic wood decking boards will expand. Expansion of the decking boards will increase their size, and when this happens, the boards will touch any solid, unmovable object close to them.

 If your decking is not close to a wall, then the boards will touch one another, and they will be distorted or be removed from the joists. So, to prevent warping, you have to initiate damage control when installing your composite decking. What damage control suggest is that you have to follow the best practice when installing your plastic wood composite.

 The right spacing for composite boards is 5 mm between boards and 10 mm between a board and wall. When you leave the right spacing when installing your composite decking, your patio will last for a long time.

Fixing Damage or Warped Composite Decking

Identify the Warped Decking

You have to identify the warped composite decking to know how many boards you have to change. If you don’t know which decking board is warped, you can look at your plastic composite decking. Check your decking for uneven boards. When you install the decking, the boards will be straight, but when the decking warp, the boards will become uneven.

Get All the Material

After you have identified the warped composite decking, you have to get all the material you need. You need tools like safety glasses, power saw, screw gun, claw bar and tape measure. The safety glasses will keep your face from harm. Using a power saw will make it easier for you to cut your decking boards. The screw gun will make it easier to drive screws into the decking boards, while the claw bar will make you pull out the warped composite decking. 

Remove the Warped Decking

If you have identified and marked the warped composite decking boards before now, you should take steps to remove the boards. If a whole board is warped, you should remove the board. You will need your claw bar for this task, or you can simply unscrew the boards if you use clips. One part of your plastic wood composite boards are damage; you can simply cut that part off. 

Use your circular saw to chop off the affected part, and after, you should remove it. If you notice that the warping is not limited to one part of your composite decking but every part, then you might have to change the whole decking boards. In this case, your plastic wood composite is badly damaged. Ensure that you remove all the warp boards, and you should check the joists after doing that.

Change the Warped Decking Boards

After removing the warp plastic composite boards, you should inspect the joists to ensure that it is intact. Then, you should change the composite decking boards with a new one. You should need clips and fasteners for this part. Note that if your decking warps because of inappropriate spacing, then you should remove all the boards and fix them again with the right spacing.


This write-up explains how to fix warped composite decking. The best way to fix damaged plastic composite decking is to change the damage boards for new ones. Also, you should leave the right amount of spacing.

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