It is easy to install a picture frame composite decking if you follow the steps set out in this write-up. One method of doing that is by building the joists so that they look like your picture frame. This method got its name from your old picture frame. 

Installing your composite decking the picture frame method will ensure that the edges of your composite decking are covered. A decking with covered edges is beautiful because you have concealed the rough sides.

how to install a picture frame outdoor decking

So, instead of exposing the rough edges and letting them distort the surface of your decking, you should cover them. 

Building a composite decking requires skills. It is possible if you are a handy person, and if you have experience doing the task. Constructing a picture frame decking requires additional skills. You must know how to plan the task to succeed.

 Aside from that, you must be able to calculate the angles in which you will cut the decking boards. You will know how to install a picture frame composite decking when you read this write-up.

Step One – Get All You Need for the Task

Getting all you need for the task is the first thing you should do before you start building the decking. It would help if you had composite decking boards.

The amount of composite boards you need depends on the size of your project. If your decking project is a large one, then you need lots of boards. 

If it is a small one, then you don’t have to purchase lots of plastic wood decking boards. Aside from composite decking boards, you need tools like a saw, drilling machine, measuring tape, screws, planks for the joists, clips and fasteners, and a pair of gloves.

Step  Two – Clear the Location

Clearing the location, you will build your composite decking is the next step when you want to make the decking. This process involves measuring and marking the area with a measuring tape and pegs. Also, you have to get rid of dirt or grasses and ensure that the place is clean. 

If you are building ground level composite decking, ensure that you spray chemicals to the ground so that the grasses will not grow again. Also, you must ensure that you mark the location so that you will get a smooth surface. 

Step Three – Build the Joists or Frame for Your Composite Decking

Building the frame you will install your composite decking on is an essential part of making the decking. You have to set posts that will raise your decking. Those posts should be fixed deep inside the ground, and you should cement them to make them durable. 

The heights of the wooden posts depend on whether you are building an elevated decking or a ground-level decking. An elevated decking requires posts with long length, while a ground-level decking requires short posts. After fixing the bar and making sure that it is strong, you can start building the frame. 

The frames are treated-wood planks or composite decking planks that you will attach to the posts. Start from the edges and makes sure you stick planks around the perimeter of the composite decking. Remember that you are using the picture frame technique. 

You can double the planks. Attach one to the post so that it faces the inside of your composite decking and attach the other so that it will meet the outside.

So, in this case, your post will be in between the planks. By now, your decking frame should look like a rectangular structure when you view it from the top.

 Then you can start attaching the other planks to the ones you fixed at the perimeter. They should be perpendicular to the perimeter planks. This will give you a complete frame or structure that you will place your composite decking boards. 

Picture Frame

To achieve the picture frame design, you should look for composite decking boards and shape them. Remember that you double the perimeter planks.

So, you have to place the composite boards right on top of the perimeter planks. These boards should cover the frame. At the corners when the boards meet, you should cut them at an angle of 45 degrees.

 Cutting them will ensure that the panels join together without exposing the edges. Note that these boards serve as the outer boards and that you will arrange your composite decking boards so that they touch or reach this boards.

So, what these exterior trims do is that they ensure that the edges of your composite decking do nor reaches the surface.

Step Four – Arrange Your Composite Decking Boards

Arranging your composite decking boards is the next thing to do. Start from one end using starter clips. You should install the other panels using the intermediate clips. Ensure that you leave at least 5 mm gap between the composite decking boards for expansion and contraction.


Installing a picture frame composite decking is easy if you are a handy person and you have experience building decking. Ensure that you follow the guidelines set out in this write-up.

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