If you have a beautiful composite decking in your home and you are worried about grasses growing under it, you should read this write-up. It explains how you can remove grasses from under your decking. The technique you employ when you want to remove grasses underneath your composite decking depends on how high your decking is from the ground.  

Types of Decking Foundation

There are two types of decking foundation or base. There is the elevated decking and the ground level decking. 

Elevated Decking

This kind of composite decking is raised above the ground. The posts that serve as the base are high so that when composite decking boards are laid on they, there is enough space beneath the decking. This kind of decking makes it possible for you to see what is under it. You can even put things under the decking. If you have these types of decking in your house, grasses can grow under it.

 Removing grasses from underneath your decking is something that you must-do if you want to make it look good. Also, if you don’t do that, the blades of the grasses will grow to the extent that they will be visible and pop up between your decking boards. Aside from that, insects will stay under your composite decking. Even reptile will remain under your composite decking, and it will pose a danger to you. 

So, you have to remove the grasses from under your decking. Remember that we stated earlier that the technique you employ depends on how high your composite decking is. Since you are dealing with elevated decking, you can remove the grasses with your hands, or you can remove the grasses by using pesticide or a lawn mover. 

Using Your Hand

This technique is easy since you are dealing with elevated decking. You have to ensure that the decking is high enough so that you can bend under it. Make sure that you mind your head so that you don’t hit it against the structure. You will need a glove for this task so that your hands will not touch the grasses. 

The tool you need is a hoe or anything that you can thrust under the decking. Search for the grasses and use the hole to uproot them. After that, you can dump the grasses somewhere. 

Using a Lawn Mower 

If you can push a lawnmower under your composite decking, then you can use utilise a lawnmower. This is another way you can remove grasses from under your composite decking. A lawnmower is fast and easy to operate if you know how to use it. Just push the lawn machine under your decking and let it do its work.

Spraying Chemicals

Another way you can keep grasses from growing under your composite decking is by spraying herbicide on the grasses. Before you do that, you have to ensure that your pets are not playing under your composite decking. Also, you have to remove objects you place close to your decking so that the chemicals will not get to them. Then you can mix the chemicals and spray them on the grasses. You can wait for some days until the grasses dry up.

Using a Spring Trimmer

You can use a string trimmer to cut the grasses underneath your composite decking. Cut the grasses to 4 inches by using the trimmer. Please ensure that you wear a long sleeve shirt, a long trouser and a boot when you are doing the job. If possible, you can use a glass and a hand glove.

 Ground Level Decking

This is another type of composite decking foundation. The main difference between it and elevated decking is that it is close to the ground and not raised above the ground. Although this decking will not allow grasses to grow under it, you still have to keep grasses from growing under your composite decking.

keep grasses from growing under outdoor decking

This is something you will do when you are installing your decking. You can cover the base of your decking with landscaping fabric. This you should do after you have sprayed chemicals on the area you want to install the decking. When you have done that, you can start building the frame of your composite decking.


How to keep grasses from growing under your decking is easy if you follow the steps we explained in this article. Depending on the types of decking you installed, you can use your hand, a string trimmer or you can add landscaping fabric underneath your composite decking.

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