Keeping your composite decking clean is one way to make it last longer. You can keep your decking clean by sweeping it regularly.

 Your composite decking is like other home paraphernalia that needs routine cleaning. If you don’t clean your home items, they will not look good. 

So, to make your composite decking last longer, you must not let dirt or debris accumulate on it. Cleaning the decking is easy and can be accomplished with simple tools. 

The tools for the task depends on the kind of cleaning that you want to do. If you seek to eliminate turf from the surface of your decking, then all you need is a broom.

If you are handling with adamant stains, then you require soapy water and a brush.

The brush should be a soft one that will not scratch or leave marks on the surface of your composite decking.

How to clean your composite decking will be considered in this article.

Sweep Your Composite Decking Regularly 

The tool you will need to sweep your composite decking is a broom. Sweep your composite decking to remove dirt at least once a week.

 This will prevent debris from compiling on top of your decking. If your decking gets too much foot traffic, once a week might be too small, you should sweep every day. 

Also, you should pay attention to the side of the decking and remove any debris that hides between boards.

Remove Oil and Grease With Soapy Water

It was pointed out that soapy water and a brush can be used to clean grease from the surface composite decking. When there is a grease stain on your decking, all you have to do is look for liquid soap.

Then, you should spray the liquid soap on the spot you want to clean. After, you should scrub the spot with a soft brush. Note that you should scrub the boards along the grain.

The soapy water will ensure that the stain is removed. Then, you should use a hose to spray water on your decking.

Mould and Mildew

Mould and mildew cannot destroy composite decking. But it is possible for mould and mildew to grow on your decking. 

If you let organic matter decay on your decking, mould and mildew can develop on it. When this happens, your decking surface will be distorted. 

So, to make it return to normal, you have to clean the mould off the surface. The process is similar to removing a stain from your checking surface.

You need soapy water, a soft brush, and a water hose. Start by scrubbing the place with your brush after you have sprayed the soapy water on it. 

Then, you can rinse your decking with the water hose when you are done. The issue of mould growing on your decking can be prevented if you sweep your decking regularly.

Ice and Snow

Keeping your composite decking free from ice and snow is another way of keeping it clean. 

If you reside in a locale and you have regular snowfall, you should make sure you remove the snow. A plastic shovel will do the job.

You should use calcium chloride or rock salt to melt the snow from your decking’s surface.

Be certain to use a plastic shovel because a metal shovel can damage the surface of your composite decking.

Use a Power Washer

A power washer can be utilized to drizzle water on your composite decking. Note that a power washer must be manipulated with care.

to keep outdoor decking clean

The power washer should not be near to the surface of your composite decking so that it will not destroy the surface.

Brighten the Surface Of Your Composite Decking

At times, the colour of your decking might not look the way it should because of stain. After removing the stain from your decking surface, the colour might still be dull. 

To make your composite decking colour bright, you use brighteners that contain oxalic acid.

The brightener should be applied after you have scrubbed all dirt with a brush and rinse it. 

When the decking surface is dry, you can apply the brightener to rekindle the colour.


To keep your composite decking clean, you should sweep your composite decking regularly and remove any stain from the surface.

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