It is summertime, and everyone is happy. Summer is when you and your family have your outdoor activities outside. It is time to have a barbecue in your garden or backyard, and it is time for your children to play around outdoors. Summertime is a great time for you to have a party outdoors with your buddies on your wood decking or composite decking. But with summer comes heat. If you plan to recline on your decking in the summer period, you may find it extremely hot. So, how do you keep your decking cool in summer?

Why Decking Get Hot in Summer

Decking can get hot in summer for one reason – the sun’s ray.  During summer, the sun is at its peak. Everywhere will be hot because of the scorching ray of the sun. As the sun’s ray touches human skins and any other objects, they will eventually heat it. 

When the sun’s ray touches the surface of your decking, it will heat the top until it becomes too hot for you to walk on it. That is why outdoor decking gets hot in summer. Most homeowners are taking steps to keep their decking cool and prevent the sun’s ray from reaching the top. 

Ways to Keep Your Decking Cool in Summer

If you want a good space where you will have your outdoor activities like relaxing or partying, you can follow the advice in this write-up.

Install a Good Decking Material

Building a good decking material is the first step to keeping your decking cool in summer. Note that there are more than four decking materials that you can pick in the market. One of that decking material is timber decking. Other decking materials are PVC and composite decking. All these decking types are different from one another, whether in material composition or aesthetic value. Composite decking is one flooring material that stands out from the rest.

How to Keep Your Decking Cool in Summer

This decking type is the best for flooring outdoors. It is because composite decking is not just beautiful, but it does not get hot easily. So, if you want outdoor flooring for your yard that will not become hot, then you should think of plastic wood or composite decking. Wood decking does not perform well in hot weather. Plastic or PVC decking will also become hot when the sun’s ray touches it. 

Install Light-coloured Decking

Know that you’ve known that composite material is the right decking to install when if you want cool outdoor flooring, you should know the right colour to install. There are light-coloured and dark-coloured plastic wood decking. The difference between light and dark plastic wood decking is the intensity of the surface pigment.

 Light composite decking has a light pigment, while dark plastic wood decking has a dark pigment. The former will not absorb lots of heat from the sun’s ray, while the latter will absorb lots of heat. So, if you want a cool decking material, you should install light-colour plastic wood decking. It is because its surface will reflect the ray of the sun, and it will not become too hot for you to walk on.

Plant Natural Shade

Another way to keep your decking cool if you have installed composite decking is by planting shade. Shade around your composite decking can be in the form of a tree or flowers like creepers hanging on your decking. Building your decking close to a mature tree can protect from the sun’s ray and makes it easier for you to relax on your decking.

 Aside from that, when you build decking and plant a tree close to it, it will increase your home value. Aside from mature trees, you can build a trellis on your decking and plant creeper or flowering vine so that they will twine around the trellis.

Build a Shade

Aside from planting trees and flowers near your decking, you can build a shade. The kind of shade that you build depends on what you need. You can build a pergola on your decking and cover the top with a cloth. Or, you can simply form a shade with an umbrella if you want quick relief from the ray of the sun. An umbrella or a pergola will prevent the sun’s ray from reaching the surface of your plastic wood decking. 


You can keep your decking cool in summer by building a good decking like composite decking. Also, you should install light-coloured plastic wood decking and build a shade to keep the heat of the sun from reaching your decking.

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