One interesting thing about composite decking is that it is easy for DIYs to install it by themselves.

This means that if you know how to and have the right tools, you can install your composite decking yourself. There are two ways to lay the composite decking on grass. 

The first way of building your composite decking is by laying it on the grass, while the other way is to raise it from the ground.

Laying your composite decking on grass is easy if you follow these six steps.

Step one – get the equipment ready, step two – prepare the location, step three – install the post.

Step four – attach the frame to the post, step five – arrange the decking, and step six – finish the decking.

How to lay or build your composite decking on grass will be explained in this article.

How to Build Your Composite Decking on Grass or Soil

Laying your composite on grass or soil is easy if you follow the simple steps explained below. 

tool gathered together

Step 1 Get Your Equipment Ready

It involves gathering the tools that you will utilize when building the composite decking on grass.

If you don’t have any of the tools, you should borrow from a friend, or you can purchase them in the market. 

Acquiring them will do you a lot of good because you can utilize the tools another time.

The tools required are a pencil, a measuring tape, some pegs, a spade, a saw, a drilling machine, and a string.

prepare location

Step 2 Prepare the Location

Developing the location involved measuring the exact spot that your decking will cover. It can be accomplished with the assistance of the measuring tape.

When you have gotten the length and breadth of the spot that you will place the decking, you can put pegs at the sides. 

After you have marked the sides with pegs, you can proceed to use a spade to clear grass away from it. You don’t want to build your decking directly on the ground with grass beneath it. 

After that, you should spray weed control substance on the ground so that weeds will not grow. Then, cover the location and lay the frame with gravel.

It is on this gravel that the frame that you will lay your composite decks on will be installed. 

Step 3 Install the Boards 

This is straightforward to do if you have already placed gravel on the spot that you will place the decking.

Note that you must not place the composite decking boards on the ground or on the gravel.

This is because the boards will sink into the ground because of the weight of the composite decking. So, you should place the boards on a plank of wood or on a concrete block. 

Then you should start attaching the boards together so that it will form the frame that the composite decking will be placed on.

It is recommended that you should use treated 2×4 kinds of woods for the as the boards so that they will last long. 

After securing the outer boards, you can start attaching more boards on the inside of the frame so that the structure will be strong.

Then, you should add the joists inside the frame and make sure they are spaced at a minimum distance of 16 inches.

Step 4 Arrange the Decking

Arranging your composite decking on the joists is the next thing to do after building the frame.

This can be perpetrated effortlessly, and you should embark on the task from the side of a house or a wall. 

If the decking is not joined to the house, you should start from one end and take it to the next.

You can use screws to hold down the composite decks to the joists, or you can use clips and screws if you are installing grooved decks. 

Note that there should be at least 5mm space between the decks at all sides. This is to accommodate the expansion of the composite decks when there is a change in temperature.

Step 5 Finish the Decking

Finishing the decking means that you should cover the edges with trim boards or paint the edges with paint of matching color.

After that, you should make the site clean by sweeping and removing all leftover materials. 


Installing your composite decking on grass is easy and can be done by a DIY. All you have to do is to clear the location, lay the boards on the ground, and put the decking on the frame.