Maintaining your composite decking is crucial if you reside in the UK. This is because the UK weather can hurt a decking material if homeowners don’t maintain it properly. But how should UK homeowners maintain their composite decking? Most UK homeowners think wood-plastic composite does not require maintenance. This misleading thought can make homeowners neglect their composite wood decking. But since composite decking is an outdoor flooring structure, it needs maintenance. This write-up explains how to maintain composite decking in the UK.

Maintaining Composite Decking in the UK Is Easy

Homeowners in the UK had longed to used wood decking before engineers developed composite wood decking. Wood decking or patio has elaborate maintenance. For busy homeowners, maintaining wood decking is not an option because they can’t do it themselves. This leads to homeowners neglecting their wood decking, and eventually, the wood decking will rot and unfit fit outdoor activity.

 Engineers created composite wood decking to replace wood. Since plastic wood decking is better than timber, most homeowners think maintaining it is not easy. If you install wood-plastic composite decking in your home, you must maintain it. But the difference between how you maintain the wood and composite decking is that the latter is easy, while the former is difficult. This leads to the next topic, how should UK homeowners maintain their plastic wood decking?

Ways You Can Maintain Your Composite Decking in the UK

The way you maintain your composite decking in the UK depends on the type of dirt you want to remove. Removing mud and dirt from the top of your wood-plastic composite decking is easy. But removing wine or oil stain from your decking surface requires additional effort. To make your decking last longer, UK homeowners must take steps to ensure that it is safe for outdoor use.

Removing Dirt from Your Composite Wood Decking

Dirt like dust and soil are things that can make the top of your composite wood decking unattractive. Homeowners must clean their composite wood decking top for it to look attractive again. They can do the cleaning by using a broom to sweep dry dust off the top of their decking. If the dirt is sticky, homeowners can spray their composite decking surface with a hose to make it clean. If you try using a spray and the dirt is still there, you can scrub the top of your composite wood decking till the decking is spotless.

Removing Wine or Oil Stain from Your Composite Decking

Another kind of dirt that can make composite wood decking surfaces unattractive is wine or oil stain. Wine can stain your plastic wood decking surface if you are having a good time on it. If wine spill on your wood-plastic decking, ensure you clean the wine immediately. After, you should use a cloth and warm soapy water to clean the spot so that you will remove the wine stain thoroughly. You can do the same for oil stains. When you spill oil or grease on your composite wood decking surface, you have to clean the grease immediately and then scrub the decking surface. 

how to maintain decking in the uk

Removing Snow or Ice from Your Wood-Plastic Composite Decking

You don’t have to scrub or spray snow or ice from your plastic wood decking surface. To make your decking safe for outdoor activity, you have to use a rubber shovel to push snow from the top of your composite decking. Doing this will reduce the load on your wood-plastic decking surface and save it from collapsing. Also, it will make your composite wood decking safe for you to walk on. 

Removing Algae from Your Decking Surface

If you install your composite decking in a place exposed to water, you will notice green algae growing on it. You have to tackle algae quickly by removing it when you are maintaining your composite wood decking. Alga needs a damp condition to grow on a decking. You must use a less brittle brush to scrub your wood-plastic decking top until you have removed the algae.

Clean Dog Faeces from Your Decking Surface

Most UK homeowners have dogs in their homes, and these dogs play on their composite decking and might drop their faeces on it. You have to maintain your wood-plastic decking to remove dog faeces from the surface to make it clean.


How to maintain composite decking in the UK? To maintain your composite decking, if you live in the UK, you have to clean dirt, oil, wine, grease from the decking surface. Also, you have to take away algae and dog faeces from your decking top.

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