How to maintain your composite decking is easy because it requires simple tools like a brush and a broom.

Also, the process of maintaining your composite decking will not take all of your time. Note that you must maintain your composite deck after installation if you want it to last long.

This maintenance that is being referred to is similar to the way you will take care of other flooring materials.

Composite decking is not like the wood deck that requires elaborate painting and sanding in addition to scrubbing. All you have to do is give it a little brushing or scrubbing. 

You can use a power washer to spray water to remove stain and other dirt that sticks to it. How to maintain composite decking will be examined in two ways.

You will know how to prevent damage to your composite decking and what to do if you discover dirt or stain on the deck.

Plastic-Wood Decking Damage Prevention

Preventing your composite deck from getting damage is crucial to maintaining and extending the lifespan of the deck.

The best way to achieve that is not to do things that will alter the surface of the deck. You will examine some things that you should not do below.

Never Drag Things on a Composite Decking

If you have to change the positions of a heavy object, you have to raise it. Do not push it, so that you will not scratch the surface of the composite deck.

It is like dragging an object on your home floor, you will notice that the object will scratch the floor, creating marks that you will not like.

Don’t Put a Hot Object on the Composite Decking

Putting a hot object like a barbecue grill on a composite decking can cause the surface of the deck to melt.

When that happens, the spot that melts will be deformed and will not look good.

This is one step to destroying the composite decking, so avoid placing hot metal on it.

Remove Leaves or Dirt 

If you want your composite decking to last long, you must remove leaves and other organic materials from your deck.

This is because they will decay, when they do, mould will form, in the spot that they decomposed. This can cause a problem for you if you want to clean it and affect your decking.

How to Clean Your Plastic-Wood Decking

If you discover that your composite decking is stained or has mould on it, you can easily maintain it by working out the things explained below.

Clean Your Composite Decking with Water and Soap

Cleaning your composite decking is easy because all you have to do is look for a good soft brush, soap, and water. Then you can gently scrub the spot that is stained until the smudge is gone.

Also, you can power wash the decking if need be.

Oil and Grease

This method is good for removing oil or grease stain from the surface of your composite deck. You should do this regularly if you always drop things that will stain the deck.

maintain composite decking

The only way to prevent this is not to let oil or lubricant stain the surface of your composite decking. 

Think of it, if you drop oil on your home floor, you have to clean it to remove the stain. So, the way you will maintain your home floor is the way you should treat your composite deck.


At times, mould can grow on the surface of your composite decking. This is as a result of decaying materials like leaves.

You can remove the mould from the surface of your composite decking by scrubbing it with brush and then washing with water. 

Animals Droppings

Animal droppings can be removed the same way you eliminate mold. Just use your brush and scrap the droppings away. Then you should use soapy water to wash the surface.

Remove Ice and Snow from Your Composite Decking

You should remove ice and snow from the surface of your composite decking so that you will be able to walk on it.

When doing that, you have to be sure that the edge of the shovel is not sharp so that it does not cut into your deck.

It is recommended that you use a shovel that is made of plastics when moving ice off your deck.

Sweep your Composite Decking Regularly

Sweeping your composite decking is a good practice and can be done the way you sweep the interior of your home.

Sweeping your deck will make sure that dirt will not remain on your composite deck. Also, when you sweep your deck after it rained, you will not allow water to settle on one side of the deck. 


Maintaining your composite decking is simple, and it requires little effort from you. You should make it a practice to clean your deck regularly the way you clean your house.