How to maintain composite fence is easy, and it depends on the kind of stain that you want to remove. Composite fences can get damaged like other building materials.

Also, like other building material, a composite fence needs maintenance. This means that if you feel that your fence appearance is distorted by stain or scratch, then you should not hesitate to maintain it.

The kind of maintenance you will give your composite fence depends on what you want to remove. How to take care of your composite fence is discussed in this article.

Maintain composite fencing

Dirt and Mud

Dirt and mud can stick to the surface of your fence when they spatter on it. The way to peel off dirt and mud is to use a brown first. 

After using the broom to scratch the mud from the surface of the fence, then you can proceed to the next step. Look for soapy water and a soft brush and scrub the spot careful.

Note that you should scrub along the grain of the fencing board. You must use a soft brush because a hard brush will scratch the surface of your composite fence.

 Also, you should scrub along the grain because scrubbing otherwise will scratch the fence. When you are done scrubbing, you can proceed to rinse your composite fence with a garden hose.

It can be perpetrated by splashing water on a bucket or by using a power washer. When using a power washer, be careful that you follow the guidelines. 

Also, you should not bring the hose too close to the fence. This is because the pressure can peel off the surface of your composite fence.

Grease Stain

Removing grease stains on composite materials like composite fences is a lot easier than removing it from wood fences. This is because most composite fences are capped.

 Capped means that they have an extra layer of plastic on the surface. This layer of plastic makes it impossible for water or oil to penetrate your fence. 

Oil and grease can still stick to the surface of your composite fence. When this happens, all you need is a soft brush and soapy water. 

The soapy water will make the grease or oil to remove when you scrub your composite fence. At times you might need a more powerful stain remover to deal with stubborn stains. 

For stubborn stain, use a cleaner that will dissolve the grease. These kinds of cleaners are beneficial in removing asphalt, tar, and grease. 

Mould and Mildew

Removing mould and mildew is another way to maintain composite fence. To prevent mould from growing on your composite fence, clean the fence regularly at least twice in a year.

This is because mould grows on decaying organic materials like leaf, twig and pollen. 

So, to keep your composite free from mould, you must remove leaves, twigs and pollen grain so that they will not decay close to it. 

If it happens that mould is already on your composite fence, then you should use a cleaner to remove the mould. The cleanser should be applied to the spot or area the mould grows.

 This is after you have removed the mould. Then you should scrub it gently and rinse it with water.

Tannin Stains

Tannin stain is another thing that can distort the surface of your composite fence. To fasten the removal of tannin, you can use commercial cleaner design to remove tannin from the fence surface.

 Make sure you rinse the fence thoroughly with water after applying the cleaner on the surface.

 Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride can distort the surface of your composite fence if not removed quickly. To remove calcium, give the spot a light scrub and use a hose to spray water on it. 

Chalk Marks

Coloured chalk marks can be removed by washing the spot with water and leaving it to fade away with time. You might have to use a cleaner to remove the chalk line if using water is impossible. 


Abrasion can be difficult to remove when the scratch cut deep inside the fence. If the scratch is light, you can leave it to fade or disappear by itself. 

But if the scratch is deep and too obvious that it distorts your fence appearance, then you might have to give your fence a good painting.


Maintaining a composite fence is easy, depending on the stain or what you want to remove. You should make sure you are quick to remove anything that might destroy your composite fence.

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