How to paint or stain your composite fence is simple. What you need for the painting or staining task is a roller and the paint or stain. Also, you need sandpaper to smooth the surface of your composite fence. We have explained why you might have to paint your fencing panels in a previous article.

 So, if you are confident that painting your composite fencing panel will restore the colour, then you can proceed. Do you know the difference between paint and stain? Painting your composite panels requires the use of high-quality latex paint like Behr. The colour will coat the surface of your board. 

This high-quality paint will not peel off easily, and they can withstand the elements of weather. Staining a fence involves using acrylic stain. The stain will soak into your composite wall, and it will give your fencing boards a watery appearance. The process of colouring and painting a plastic wood panel is the same. 

Staining Your Composite Fence 

Step One – Remove Items Close to Your Fence

Before you commence staining your composite fence, you must remove items like the table or chair that you place near your plastic wood panels. If your plastic wood fencing is close to your flowers or if you hang plants on it in your garden, you should remove the flowers. Also, if there are plants that you can’t take away, it is best if you use a cloth to cover them. Ensure that there are no other structural materials left uncovered near your fence.

Step Two – Clean Your Fence

The method you employ to clean your fence depends on the stain that is on it. If you want to remove mud, then you can simply use a broom to sweep the surface and rinse it with water. To make the cleaning task faster, use a power washer. You should be careful and should not bring the power washer close to the surface of your fence. 

If you want to remove grease stain, then you can use soapy water and a soft brush. You should scrub gently so that you don’t scratch the surface of your fence. After cleaning, you can wash out the body of your plastic wood fencing with water.

Step Three – Stain Your Fence

You should wait for some time so that the surface of your fence will dry. When it is dry, open the stain and pour the content into a large container. Make sure you are wearing a globe so that the content will not stick to your hand. Also, you might wear a nose mask so that you will not smell the stain. Use a roller because it is faster than a brush.

 For your comfort, you can attach a long stick to the roller so that you can use it without bending your back. Then, you can start applying the stain on the fence. Make sure you apply it panel by panel along the grain. Also, distribute the colour evenly on the surface so that it will not stay on one side. Stain the fence until you colour every fencing panel.

Painting Your Composite Fence

How to Paint or Stain My Composite Fencing?

Step One – Remove Items Close to the Fence

You must remove all items that are close to your fence. If you can’t remove them, then you should make sure you cover then. You should take away tables and chairs and cover flowers that are close to your fence. If your plastic wood fencing joins your home, make sure you don’t spill the paint on the wall.

Step Two – Clean the Composite Fence

The way you clean the fence when you want to paint it is the same as when you want to stain it. Ensure you remove mud by sweeping with a broom and then use a power washer to spray water on the surface. You can remove mould and mildew, oil and grease stain by using soapy water and a soft brush. Scrub until you are confident that it is clean before you wash out the surface.

Step Three – Paint Your Composite Fence

Use high-quality latex paint to colour the fence. You should do the task panel by panel along the grain until you have painted every board. The best tool for the task is a roller with a long stick or rod attached to it. When you have finished painting, leave the fence to dry. 

Step Four – Tidy Your Surrounding

This step is the part that you remove the tools that you use to paint or stain your fence. Also, if the paint or stay spill on the ground, you should clean it up so that the surrounding will look neat.


Painting or staining your composite fence is easy if you follow the steps outlined in this write-up.  Be sure to use high-quality latex paint or stain for the task.

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