Decking your outdoor space is one thing that can increase the aesthetic and the monetary value of your home. But you have to use the right material if you want to enhance the look of your back garden. How do you pick the right outdoor decking material like composite decking for your decking project? This write-up will discuss that.

Consider the Size of Your Garden

The first point to contemplate is the size of your back garden. Do you have a small space behind your home? Or, do you have a large space that you can install decking in? The size of your garden determines how you will plan the design of your decking. 

Composite decking is fitting for a garden of any size, whether big or small. If you aspire to install composite decking, you can partition your garden into different portions so that you will know where to build the decking. 

Consider what You Need Most

Before you purchase your outdoor decking material, you must consider what you need most in a decking. Do you love the aesthetic value of composite decking? Or do you prefer the durability of composite decking? If you want a cheap outdoor decking material, wood decking is one material to consider. 

Suppose you are like most homeowners that want all the good qualities of decking material, then you should install one that has it all. Composite decking is one such material that is not only aesthetically but durable and easy to maintain.

Consider the Price of the Decking Material

Decking materials come at different prices. You can get cheap decking material like wood decking, and you can get expensive ones in the market. Most homeowners on a budget, have chosen wood or timber decking for their outdoor flooring project. 

But it is worthwhile to consider composite decking, although it is more expensive than timber decking. When choosing the right outdoor decking material, you should not let the price force you to choose one that is less durable.

Consider the Ease of Installation

You could save your money if you planned to install your decking yourself. That is why you should install an outdoor decking material like composite decking that is easy to install. You can cut composite decking without requiring special tools. Also, you can lift composite decking from one spot to the other. Installing composite decking comes with easy to follow instructions that you can grab. 

Consider the Outdoor Decking Maintenance

how to pick the right decking material

This part is crucial because most outdoor decking material requires elaborate cash-consuming maintenance while others do not. If you choose wood decking because of its low price, then you will spend much money to maintain it. This is because wood or timber decking is less durable and maintenance is crucial for its survival. 

You must sand, seal, stain or paint your timber decking if it must last longer. Aside from that, you have to give wood decking the regular sweeping and cleaning with a cloth. Composite or plastic wood decking needs less upkeep. All you must do to keep your plastic wood decking looking good is to clean the surface with a soft brush and soapy water or sweep the top.

 Composite decking is a good outdoor decking material because it will not absorb lots of moisture. That benefits extend beyond moisture and include oil or wine stain. If wine or oil spill on your plastic wood decking, you will be able to clean it easily. But if you use outdoor decking like wood or PVC, they will absorb the wine stain, and you will have a hard moment cleaning. 

Consider the Durability of the Outdoor Decking Material

Durability is crucial when considering a good outdoor decking to use. Note that some decking material is more durable than others. Composite wood decking is the most durable outdoor decking material you can find in the market. 

It will not only resist rot, but it will stand against the elements of nature like rain, snow, insects and humans foot traffic. This implies that composite decking will not splinter or warp. Wood or timber decking will warp or splinter when exposed to the elements. This makes timber decking not one of the right outdoor decking material to use.


How to pick the right outdoor decking material is easy. All you must do is consider the durability, the aesthetic value, the lifespan, and the ease of maintenance.

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