Many benefits come with flooring your garden with durable decking material. You will get an attractive garden replica of your indoor space when you build your decking with composite decking. Aside from that, decking like composite decking will add value to your residence. But what if you already have a concrete slab in your garden. Can you replace it with composite decking? This write-up explains how to replace your concrete slab with composite decking. 

Reasons You Should Replace Concrete Slab with Composite Decking

Concrete Slab Is Less Attractive

One reason you should replace your concrete or stone slab with plastic wood decking is that it is less attractive. The concrete slab looks like ‘concrete’. You know that old ugly concrete appearance.

You will want your garden or yard to be an attractive place. With a concrete slab, you can’t achieve an attractive garden. Besides, you can paint concrete to make it attractive. Once you have built the concrete slab in your garden, it remains like that.

Concrete Slab Will Crack

Another reason you should replace the concrete slab with composite decking is that it will crack under extreme pleasure. It implies that if a high temperature works on the concrete slab, it will crack. Once the concrete slab cracks, the gap will further widen until it forms a conspicuous crack that will make your concrete surface less attractive. 

Composite Decking Is Attractive

Unlike a concrete slab that has only an old and ugly concrete appearance, composite decking has an attractive surface. If you want to create a contemporary garden, the best material you should use for the project is composite decking. 

With plastic wood decking, you can get a brown or black or grey or oak outdoor decking. Aside from that, you can mix several colours to achieve more attractive outdoor decking. The colour of composite decking will not fade quickly like that of wood, and it is more attractive than concrete. 

Composite Decking Is Durable

How to Replace My Concrete Slab with Composite Decking

Concrete is durable and strong, and composite decking is also durable. In terms of durability, concrete might seem to be better than composite decking. But when you consider how well they both resist the elements, you will know that composite decking is better.

 Plastic wood decking resists the elements better than concrete. This is because plastic wood decking will not crack when extreme temperature works on it. Aside from that, composite decking will not split or break. This makes plastic wood decking to last longer.

Another advantage of composite decking over the concrete slab is that it is not a permanent structure. You can easily remove your plastic wood decking if you want to use the space for something else. Concrete is a permanent structure, and it is difficult to remove.

Replacing Concrete Slab with Composite Decking

If you have already built a concrete slab in your garden, you can easily replace it. This depends on why you want to replace your concrete with decking. If your concrete slab is still good, you can build your composite decking on it. Most homeowners do replace their concrete when it is old and ugly. If that is the case, you can tear the old concrete structure before you build your decking.

Step One – Tear the Old Concrete Slab

If you don’t want concrete in your garden any more, you can tear the old concrete. To remove the old concrete slab, you will need a digger to break the concrete. If you are skill, you can use a drill to break the concrete faster. After breaking the old concrete, you should remove the debris. This process is the most difficult in replacing your concrete slab with composite decking. When you are done, you should clear the spot and ensure that it is level.

Step Two – Fix the Posts

The posts of your decking will be the foundation. It is that part of your composite decking that will touch the ground. When fixing the posts, you should use treated wooden posts and cover the holes you put the posts in with cement. After, you should start building the joists.

Step Three – Build the Joists

You will attach planks to the posts and connect all the posts. Then you should start adding the planks that will serve as the joists of your decking. Ensure that you don’t space them more than 16 centimetres apart for safety. 

Step Four – Arrange the Boards

After fixing the joists, you should arrange the boards. You should leave a 5 mm gap between the boards. That is how you replace a concrete slab with composite decking.


If you want to replace your concrete slab with composite decking, you have to tear the old concrete first before building the decking. 

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