Purchasing composite decking can be a difficult task if you are new to the outdoor patio. This is because there are lots of decking, and they have features that make them different. Wood is a common outdoor patio material, but it is not durable. Composite decking is the best decking, but there are various kinds. So, with a dozen plastic wood decking brands available, how do you know the right one? This write-up explains how to select the right composite decking in four easy steps. Here are a few composite decking features questions to ask.

How Moisture-Resistant Is the Composite Decking?

The moisture-resistant property of decking is crucial because it determines if the decking will last long or not. Moisture is something that can easily destroy a decking when you install it outdoors. If you build your plastic wood decking in your garden, you will expose the decking surface to water and moisture from rain. When the moisture stays on your composite decking surface for a long time, it will infiltrate the decking surface. To prevent moisture from getting into the surface of your composite decking, makers of decking coat the surface with plastic. Note that plastic is one of the materials used to make composite decking. 

The plastic prevents water from getting to the core of the boards. At the same time, the wood in composite decking gives the decking strength. But most composite decking boards like the first-generation boards does not have extra plastic protection on their surface. Moisture-resistant composite wood decking has an extra coating of plastic that prevents water from entering the boards. This is aside from the plastics that are used to make it.  When selecting the right kind of composite decking, you should consider the moisture-resistant property. Select the second-generation or newer composite that will resist moisture.  

What Warranty Does the Composite Decking Come With?

Composite products come with a warranty. This assures you that your outdoor decking material will last for a long time. Most plastic wood decking will not last long, depending on the brand and the grade of composite products you purchase. Some composite decking products will last for 15 years while others will last for 25 years. That depends on the grade and quality. Newer generation composite products last longer than old-generation decking. That is why when selecting composite products, you should consider the warranty to know the right one to select. 

Second-generation decking has a better resistant property to moisture and also resists the elements than old decking. Besides that, most composite products come with a 50 years warranty that guarantees that you will use your decking for a long time with less maintenance. You should also check if the warranty of the outdoor decking covers the colour. Most decking will fade if it is the old, low-grade composite wood decking. But the newer generation products will resist fades and are easy to take care of. 

How Hot Will the Composite Decking Get in Summer?

This question is crucial when selecting a composite product. This is because outdoor decking is exposed to the sun and will easily become hot. When your decking becomes hot, walking on the surface of your patio will be difficult. A good composite product will not absorb much heat like wood decking. This implies that when you walk on the decking, your feet will not hurt. But low-grade composite decking will absorb much heat. 

How to Select the Right Composite Decking in Four Easy Steps

This implies that when selecting the colour of your plastic wood decking, you should select light-colour composite. It will not take in much heat and will easily cool off when you walk on its surface. Also, you can select a composite decking that has moisture shield technology. This easy step ensures that you select the right kind of plastic wood composite. It reduces decking heat intake by about 35% and makes you enjoy walking on your decking.

Has the Composite Decking Brand Had a Structural Failure?

Another of the four easy steps to select composite wood decking is to check the brand’s reputation. If the composite wood decking brand has a history of structural failure, then you should not purchase any of their decking products.


You can select composite decking in four easy steps to ensure you pick the right decking. It would be most helpful to look at the warranty, the brand reputation, the moisture-resistant property and the heat-resistant property.

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