Homeowners had used wood fences for a long time before plastic fences were developed. While some homeowners are familiar with the benefits of plastic or composite fence, some are not. Is Plastic fence better than a wood fence? We have written this write-up to let you know the benefits of plastic fencing.

What Is Plastic Fence?

A composite fence is a material that contains wood and plastic. The difference between timber and plastic fence is simple. Timber fence contains 💯 wood while the composite wood fence contains wood dust and plastic.

 Also, the materials makers of plastic or composite fencing used to make the fence are recycled materials. This implies that makers of composite fences did not fall any trees to make their fence. Also, using plastic fences helps save the environment. 

Why Plastic Fence Is Better than Wood

A plastic wood fence is better than timber because its benefits are more than that of woods. 

Composite Fence Is Easy to Clean

Is a Plastic Fence Better than Wood?

Cleaning your fence is crucial for its survival. When you maintain or clean your fence, you will reduce the chance of mould and mildew growing on its surface. The difference between cleaning plastic wood fences and wood fences is clear. Timber fences are laborious to maintain. You have to sand your fence until the surface is smooth before you apply paint or stain. 

Aside from sanding wood fences, you have to seal the fence with a good sealer. Sealing wood fences will prevent excess moisture from infiltrating your fence. Maintaining plastic or composite fence is easier. You just have to give the composite fence the regular clearing that you will give dirty household items.

 For the task of cleaning or maintaining your composite fence, you will need a cloth that you have soaked in water. You will use the fabric to wipe dirt off the surface texture of your composite fence. 

Fixing Plastic Fence Is Easy

If you are a skilled person, and you know how to install or fix fences, you will discover that fixing plastic wood fences is easy. This is because a composite fence is lightweight and firm. A light fence is one that is easy to lift and move from one place to another. So, you can carry your composite panels when you are installing it. 

Another thing about composite fences is that they are strong and lightweight at the same time. So, if we compare wood and plastic fencing panels, you will discover that plastic fences are stronger than wood. This implies that plastic fences will last longer and will resist heavy wind better than wood fences.

Composite Fence Wood Will Last Long

Another reason composite fence is better than a wood fence is that it will last longer than timber. Plastic fences will last longer than wood for many reasons. First, they are synthetic materials that will not disintegrate easily like timber.

 So, if you use your composite fence for a long time, it will not lose its strength. This is because they are resistant to the elements of mother nature that work underground to destroy wood fences. 

Moisture in the air will easily damage timber when they absorb lots of it. Composite fences have a plastic-coated or covered surface that reduces the amount of moisture that it absorbs. So, it will not swell and rot like a timber fence.

Aside from humidity, plastic wood fences are also resistant to rapid change in temperature. Fluctuation in temperature will make fencing panels to expand and contract. Wood fences will not only expand, but they will crack or break as a result of temperature change. 

The opposite is true for composite fences. This is because makers of this fencing material designed it to expand and contract easily. Plastic fences will not splinter or warp as a result of rapid temperature change.

Another reason composite or plastic fences will last long is that insects cannot eat your fence. Insect like termite and other timber eating bugs cannot consume composite fences because of its plastic-coated surface. Since plastic is not food for insects, then termites will not eat it. Wood is food for termite and other insects; that is why they will eat it easily.

Plastic Fence Is Attractive

attractive plastic fence that is better than timber

When you see a composite fence, you will know the difference between it and a wood fence. Wood fences have the traditional timber surface appearance. Plastic fences come in different surface texture and colour. Also, some plastic fences have the wood grain surface texture that makes them look like timber fences.


Is a plastic fence better than wood? Plastic fence is better than wood because it is durable, easy to clean, and it is resistant to moisture and fluctuating temperature.

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