If you plan to install cladding in your home, you will want to know if it is safe to do so. There are different cladding materials available in the market. So, it can last long while some don’t. Some cladding materials like composite cladding are safe to use, while some are unsafe. Selecting the right cladding might be difficult for new homeowners. This post answers the question, is all cladding unsafe? It explains the best cladding material to use in your home. 

What Is a Cladding Material? 

The cladding material is an exterior wall covering material that homeowners can use to protect their homes. This material is used to make a wall waterproof and to prevent structural damage. With a good cladding material, you can insulate your property to prevent excess moisture from entering. Also, you can use cladding to prevent your wall from cracking, breaking, and splintering. Aside from that, cladding is widely used to provide aesthetics to a home. Some cladding materials are beautiful to use on a wall. Composite cladding is one example of a beautiful cladding. With this material, homeowners can beautify their buildings. Another use of cladding is to upgrade an old house so that it will last long. 

Claddings that Are Safe to Use

If you wonder if all cladding is unsafe, you should know that some cladding is safe to use. Examples of cladding materials that are safe to use in any weather and environment are composite cladding, wood cladding, stone cladding, brick cladding, and wood cladding.

Composite Cladding

This is one of the safest cladding materials homeowners can use on their property. Composite cladding provides the best protection against the elements and prevents structural damage to a wall. This cladding material is made from wood and plastic composite. And as a composite, the composite cladding will last longer, providing better protection. Composite cladding is fire resistant. This means that when you install it on your wall, it will not burn easily if there’s a fire. Other advantages of composite cladding are easy maintenance, long lifespan, aesthetic value, and weather resistance. Composite cladding is attractive when you install it on your wall. Also, the beautiful texture of composite cladding will not fade quickly. Weather will not destroy your composite fencing quickly like wood.

Is All Cladding Unsafe

Wood Cladding

Another cladding that is not unsafe is wood. This exterior wall cladding is made from lumber. Although wood cladding is not as good as composite, it has a good fire rating that makes it less likely to burn. Wood cladding is cheap; this means that more homeowners will be able to install it. Aside from that, wood cladding is easy to install. To make your wood cladding attractive, you have to paint it. But painting wood cladding is not a great idea because the paint will fade. Unlike composite, wood cladding does not come with an attractive colour. Since composite will not fade and wood will, you don’t have to paint your composite cladding yearly. Homeowners that install wood must paint it if they want it to look attractive. 

Stone Cladding

Another cladding material that is not unsafe to use in a home is stone cladding. This wallcovering material is made from stone which is durable and long-lasting. Stone cladding protects your home from moisture, rain, heat, and wind. With a cladding material like a stone on your wall, you can be certain that it will last long. Aside from that, stone cladding is not combustible. This means that when you install stone on your exterior wall, it will not burn. 

Brick Cladding

Another cladding material that is not unsafe is brick. Homeowners can use brick to upgrade an old house so that it will look modern. Aside from that, brick cladding adds aesthetic value to a home. This cladding material is durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. It provides a safe cladding for any home in the UK. 

Vinyl Cladding

This cladding material is made from plastic and is perfect for any home. The vinyl cladding has a good fire rating. This means that vinyl will not burn easily. This makes it safe to use vinyl cladding in any home. Like composite, vinyl cladding is attractive and can be used to upgrade an old house. Weather will not destroy vinyl, neither will insects. 


Is all cladding unsafe? No, there are lots of cladding materials that are safe to use on the exterior wall of your home. Composite cladding is an example of a cladding that is safe to use.

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