Are you contemplating laying artificial grass in your garden? Homeowners are in a rush to install artificial garden turf in their backyard. If you are contemplating making your lawn beautiful, fake grass is the best option. But artificial garden lawn has a high upfront price that makes most homeowners back way. This makes many garden owners wonder if artificial garden turf is worth the cost. To know if your synthetic grass is worth installing, you should consider its attributes. This write-up explains why synthetic grass is worth installing in your garden. 

Artificial Grass vs Real Grass

The disparity between artificial grass and real grass is that the former is synthetic while the latter is natural. Yes, artificial grass is made in a factory while real grass is planted until it germinates. The materials used to produce synthetic grass are plastic, pigments and UV inhibitors. To plant real carpet grass, garden owners need the seed. One obvious difference between artificial grass and real grass is that the former is expensive to install while the other is cheap. 

But when garden owners consider maintenance, artificial grass saves cash in the long run because it is cheaper to maintain. Homeowners are making a switch from real grass to fake grass despite fake turf high cost. The cost of installing artificial grass varies depending on the grade of turf you install. Garden owners should plan to spend about £2000 to £3000 to install the turf in their garden. But the price garden owners will spend depends on the size of the garden. Let’s consider the benefits of synthetic grass to know why it is worth installing. 

Benefits of Artificial Garden Turf

Artificial Grass Requires Less Maintenance

One benefit of installing artificial garden turf on your lawn is that you can maintain it easily. This is one reason artificial garden turf is worth the cost of installation. To clean your artificial garden turf, you need a broom or a rake. Common dirt that can make the surface of your turf less attractive are leaves, food droppings, and pet droppings. To clean food from your synthetic grass, you have to use a broom to sweep the surface. Ensure that you completely remove all traces of food to prevent decay. Removing pet droppings is essential to prevent decay and the growth of mould and mildew. Maintaining real grass is difficult. This is because natural grass maintenance is more than just sweeping food and pet droppings from the surface. Garden owners must mow the blades of real grass with a lawnmower to make it attractive.

Artificial Garden Turf Is Environmentally Friendly 

Another advantage of artificial garden turf is that it is environmentally friendly. Unlike real grass that needs chemicals to prevent diseases, garden owners don’t have to spray their synthetic turf. This is one reason garden owners consider artificial garden turf to be environmentally friendly. Another advantage of using synthetic grass is that maintaining it will not cause noise pollution. Noise pollution will occur when homeowners use a lawnmower to mow their grass. But when garden owners install fake grass, there will be no need to use a lawnmower. 

Artificial Garden Turf Saves Water

Homeowners that install natural grass know that it is crucial to wet it to make it lush. Wetting your real grass will cause a lot of water wastage. This will be a problem for garden owners that dwell in areas where water conservation is a must. To solve water wastage, homeowners can install artificial grass. Installing fake grass will mean that homeowners won’t spend money to purchase water to wet the grass. This is another reason garden owners consider artificial turf to be worth the cost. 

Artificial Grass Is Attractive 

Is Artificial Garden Turf Worth the Cost?

If you want your garden to be attractive, the best grass to install is artificial turf. This is because the turf has a beautiful green colour that makes it look lush. And the good side of synthetic grass is that it will stay attractive all year round. This is because the colour of artificial grass will not fade when garden owners install it under the sun.

Fake Turf Will Last Longer 

Another reason artificial garden turf is worth the cost is that it will last longer than real grass. When you install fake grass, you can expect to use it for 15 years with less maintenance. This will enable homeowners to save money. 


Is artificial garden turf worth the cost? Yes, fake grass is worth the cost because it is easy to maintain, lasts longer, and is attractive. 

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