Homeowners know how dangerous it is to walk or play on a slippery, wet surface. If you build a patio in your backyard, extra caution must be taken when you walk on it after a rainfall. The same applies to installing decking and concrete pavers in your backyard. Some homeowners have opted to install artificial grass on their lawns because of the beauty it adds to their garden. Since they will install their fake grass outdoor, they wonder if it is similar to a deck or patio. So, is artificial grass slippery when wet? 

Artificial Grass Is not Slippery

When water comes in contact with a surface, that spot can become slippery when people walk on it. If you have a deck in your garden, you will know that the top will become slippery when you walk on it. Also, homeowners with concrete pavers or patio in their compound can testify that the surface will become slippery after a rainfall. A slippery surface can occur when water remains still on a surface. This will make anyone that walks on the surface fall or slip. Artificial grass is an outdoor material that can become wet when raindrops on the surface. But unlike a decking or patio, fake grass drains water quickly. 

This is one reason artificial grass is not slippery when it is wet. The ability of outdoor flooring material to drain water is one indicator that it will not be slippery. This is because a dry surface cannot become slippery. Artificial grass has holes or water outlets that drain water quickly when rainfalls. So, if you install your fake grass properly, it will drain water quickly, and you can be certain that the top will not become slippery after rainfall. The second reason fake grass is not slippery is because of its surface texture. Most decks have a smooth surface texture that makes it difficult to walk on when it is wet. 

Smooth surfaces are good, but if you consider friction, smooth surfaces are not good. They offer a poor grip when you walk on them, and if the surfaces are wet, you will slip and fall. The artificial grass surface is not smooth. Remember that synthetic turfs have numerous blades on their surfaces. Those blades on fake grass surfaces enable a firm grip when you walk on the grass. So, when you consider that artificial grass drains water quickly after rainfall and its blades provide a solid grip when you walk on it, you will understand why fake grass is not slippery when wet.

Is Artificial Grass Slippery When Wet?

Advantages of Artificial Grass Slip Resistant Surface

There are numerous advantages of fake grass, slip-resistant surfaces. One obvious advantage is that when you install fake grass in your lawn, it makes it easy for your kids to play on it anytime. This is because if you lay your synthetic grass properly, it will not remain wet for a long time. And since it does not remain wet, artificial grass will not become slippery. So, your kids can play on your fake turf, and they will not slip and fall. Aside from that, another advantage of artificial grass slip-resistant surfaces is that it makes it a better environment for you to have your outdoor activities. 

Kids are not the only ones that use fake grass. Garden owners can have a barbecue in your garden, on your lawn, if you have an outdoor grill in it. So, you and your buddies can party on your fake turf, and you will be certain that no one will slip and fall. Since artificial grass drains water quickly, there is no chance that insect larva will breed on the surface. Still water is a good breeding spot for insects like mosquitoes. Your fake grass will not breed insects because the surface will remain dry. 

How to Ensure that Your Artificial Grass Doesn’t Become Slippery

Yes, artificial grass is not slippery because the surface drains water quickly and become dry, but it doesn’t imply that it cannot become slippery. Poor installation can cause drainage problems on your grass. When your fake grass has a drainage problem, water will settle on its surface. So, when you walk on grass that is not fully dry, there is a good chance that you will slip because of its slippery surface. You must ensure that you install your synthetic turf properly to avoid drainage problems. 


Is artificial grass slippery when wet? Fake grass can become wet after rainfall, but it will drain water quickly and become dry. That is why it is not slippery and safe to walk on.

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