Are you wondering if a composite cladding is better than wood? If you are, then you should continue reading this article. What is wood cladding and composite cladding? 

Wood Cladding

Wood cladding is a structural material that you can use on a house. Like other cladding materials, wood cladding provides insulation on the house it is installed on. 

This cladding is made with softwood and hardwood. Softwood cladding is made of pine, fir, and spruce.

 It must be treated with chemicals for it to be resistant to insects and elements of weather.

It is unlike hardwood cladding that doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals.

Hardwood cladding is made with materials like Cedar and Redwood. They are naturally strong and are resistant to weather elements.

Wood cladding is beautiful because of its appearance. Also, most homeowners prefer traditional wood materials.

In fact, this is one reason wood materials are used for building construction.

The drawbacks of wood cladding are high maintenance, and they are not resistant to insects.  Wood cladding is like other wood materials that need regular maintenance.

You have to clean your wood cladding regularly. Aside from that, you have to oil, sand, seal and paint it. One thing about this process is that it is difficult. 

Remember that wood cladding might be installed high up the wall. This makes tidying it to be overwhelming, and at times impossible. 

Also, wood cladding will splinter or break if exposed to fluctuating temperature.

Another thing is that wood cladding can swell and rot if exposed to water. This will reduce wood cladding longevity.

Composite Cladding

If you are wondering what composite cladding is, then know that it is a synthetic material. It is sort of a wood replacement. 

The setbacks of wood cladding have been explained, and it should give you a better understanding of why composite cladding was developed.

Composite cladding is made of wood fibre and plastic. These are recycled materials that should have been thrown away. 

Then, the wood fibre and plastic are processed in a factory and sold out as finish composite cladding. This material is stronger than wood and does not need all the laborious maintenance of wood cladding.

Is composite cladding better than wood

This implies that you don’t have to sand, oil, seal, and stain your composite cladding.

Also, you don’t have to worry that it will swell and rot if the composite cladding is exposed to water. 

This is because composite cladding will not absorb water because of its extra plastic coating. This makes it durable.

Also, it doesn’t require chemicals to make it resistant to the elements of weather.

Another thing about composite cladding is that it is lightweight. This implies that you can handily haul it from one place to another. Since composite cladding is not heavy, installing it is effortless.

Also, composite cladding is beautiful, and the good side of that is that it can be finished so that it will look like wood cladding. This aspect will attract lovers of traditional wood.

Aside from that, composite decking can be finished in different colours. You can purchase light-coloured and dark-coloured composite cladding.

Another thing about composite cladding is that it is resistant to insects, UV rays, water and any other elements of weather.

Which Is Better?

Having considered the features of wood and composite cladding, it is now easier to pick the one that is better.

When you examine wood cladding, for example, you will know that it is cheaper than the composite cladding. 

In fact, this is why most homeowners prefer it. Composite cladding is more expensive than the wood cladding.

This might seem to be a setback, but when you consider the fact that composite cladding doesn’t need maintenance, you will install it.

Also, the composite cladding will enable you to save the money you will send on maintaining wood cladding. This makes composite cladding a material worth considering.

Also, if you are a homeowner that prefers the traditional wood look of wood cladding, then don’t worry. This is because composite cladding can be finished so that it will look like wood.

This beautiful wood texture of composite cladding is why homeowners prefer it to other cladding materials. 


Composite cladding is better than wood cladding because it is durable, easy to maintain, lightweight, and easy to install. This is one reason for you to consider installing a composite cladding.

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