Composite decking is good and better than other decking types. Before composite decking was developed, wood was the king of decking. 

So, after composite decking boards was developed, it replaced wood decking and preferred by folks. Plastic-wood decking is composed of plastic and wood fibre. 

The plastic and wood fibre is recycled materials. So, the wood and plastic are mixed in the factory to produce composite boards.

WoodWood-plastic composite decking is preferred to wood decking for various reasons.

Composite Boards Requires Low Maintenance

Plastic-wood decking is good because it requires low maintenance. When you have installed your composite decking, you don’t have to worry about buying paint, oil, or staining materials.

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It is unlike wood decking that requires sanding, oiling, sealing, and painting to stay long. One aspect of composite decking that makes it unique is that you don’t have to paint it. 

This is because composite decking paint will not fade. Plastic-wood composite paint is resistant to the ray of the sun. So, to maintain composite decking, all you need is a broom to sweep it. 

If it happens that oil or grease stain the surface of your composite decking, you can remove the oil easily. What you need is a soft brush. Your composite decking should be brushed lightly.

So, you can see that composite decking is good because you don’t have to purchase paint, oil, and stain. Also, plastic-wood decking can be power washed with a power washer if you want.

Although mould and mildew cannot grow on composite decking, they can distort the lovely texture if organic things are left to decay on it. 

When this happens, you need to wash the spot away with water, and the colour will return to normal.

Composite Decking Is Beautiful 

Composite decking is usually finished in different colours. You can purchase a light-coloured or a dark-coloured composite decking.

 Light-coloured composite decking like grey or red is gorgeous. Also, dark-coloured composite boards are lovely. Remember that composite decking colour will not fade. 

So, it implies that you will enjoy your decking for as long as you want. One intriguing thing about composite decking is that there are some that look like wood.

Composite decking is made to look like wood to attract folks that love the wood look of wood decking. This made composite decking to successfully replace wood decking. 

Another aspect of composite decking is that you can install decking boards of different colours. That is, you can colour mix boards to give you a beautiful finish.

Composite Decking Is Strong

Composite decking is good because it is stronger than wood decking. The strength of composite decking makes it durable. You can utilise your composite decking for up to 25 years.

Also, composite decking is strong enough to withstand the weight of folks standing on it. This implies that you can have a party on your decking and you will be safe on it.

Composite Decking Is Resistant to Insects

Composite decking is resistant to insects like a termite. Termite will easily bore into wood decking, but can’t attack composite decking.

Also, insects are not the only thing composite decking is resistant to. Mould and mildew cannot grow on composite decking. 

Unlike other decking types that fade quickly under the sun, composite decking will not fade. The decking board’s colour is timeless and gorgeous.

Also, composite decking will not absorb water if water should spill on it. This makes plastic-wood better than wood decking. So, if liquid stain spills on your composite decking, cleaning it will be easy.

Wood decking will absorb water, swell, and rot. Wood decking will splinter or break if exposed to the sun for a long time. Composite decking won’t splinters or warp. 

Is Plastic Wood Decking Good?

The attributes of composite decking have been explained above. Composite decking is durable, which makes it good for decking.

 Also, composite decking boards requires low maintenance. Plastic-wood decking is stronger and can withstand the weight of folks standing on it. 

Besides, plastic-wood decking is beautiful and can be made to look like wood.  These are evidence that composite decking is good for decking.


Are composite decking any good? Composite decking boards are good for building decking because it is durable, it can be maintained easily, and the board is gorgeous.

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