Composite decking is better than other decking types because of its many wonderful features.

The features or advantages of composite decking will be examined in relation to other decking types.

Composite Decking vs Wood Decking

Wood decking was the first material to be used by homeowners when building decking. This decking type appeals to homeowners who are lovers of traditional wood looks.

There are pressure-treated wood and hardwood. Pressure-treated wood is made when softwood is soaked in chemicals to make it stronger and more durable. 

The materials used to make this wood decking type are pine and Spruce. Note that softwood will not last unless it is treated with chemicals.

 The other type of wood decking is hardwood. Hardwood decking is made with cedar. Cedar is a very strong timber and will last even when it is not treated with chemicals. 

Composite decking is made of wood fibre and plastics. The wood fibre and plastic are mixed in a factory where the finished is cut into shapes. 

Unlike pressure-treated wood, composite decking is not treated with chemicals. One thing about wood decking is that it is cheaper than composite decking.

On average softwood decking cost £1,000 to build in a 15 Square metre space. Hardwood is a little bit more expensive than soft and costs £1900 for 15 Square metres.

Composite decking cost £1600 for 15 Square metres. Wood decking needs maintenance. You have to sand, oil, stain or paint your wood decking annually for it to last longer. 

Composite decking does not need all the painting, sanding, and oiling that a wood decking needs. All you should do is sweep the surface of the decking with a broom. 

outdoor decking better than other decking

That wood decking maintenance costs money and consumes time. Also, composite decking is resistant to insects like termites. Wood decking is not.

Wood decking will break or splinter. Plastic-wood decking won’t. Wood-plastic composite decking colour will not fade while wood decking colour will.

Plastic Wood Decking vs PVC Decking

PVC decking, like composite decking, is made of plastics. But unlike composite decking, it does not contain any wood fibre. PVC is made of polyvinyl chloride.

This decking material is stronger than wood decking. Like composite decking, it is resistant to fade. This implies that the PVC colour will last for as long as you utilise it.

Like composite decking, PVC is resistant to insect attack. So, termite cannot bore into a PVC decking and destroy it.

 Also, like composite decking and unlike wood decking, PVC will not rot or swell when exposed to liquid. The surface of PVC is anti-slip like composite decking surface. 

Another aspect of PVC is that it does not require oiling, sanding, and staining like wood decking. This makes PVC similar to composite decking.

PVC cannot be made to look like wood. Composite decking comes with different finishes and can be given a wood grain finish. This particularly appealed to traditional wood lovers.

PVC decking is more expensive than composite decking. Remember that composite decking cost £1600 for 15 Square metres. PVC cost £1800 for 15 Square metres.

Composite Decking vs Concrete

Concrete is another decking type. Outdoor concrete gives you decking a strong surface that you can use for your outdoor activities. 

Concrete does not appeal to lovers of wood because it cannot be made to look like wood. 

Also, once the concrete is old, replacing it will be difficult. Besides, concrete checking is expensive to install, although it will last longer than wood. 

Which is the Best?

The best decking type should be one that is not expensive to install. Also, it should be a decking that requires little maintenance and appeal to homeowners.

Wood decking is good but not good enough. Wood decking requires regular sanding, oiling, and staining. Also, it will break or splinter when exposed to the sun’s rays.

Wood decking warranty is between 10 and 15 years. Composite decking will not break or fade. There is no need for painting, sanding, and oiling when you install composite decking.

Composite decking can be put together to look like timber, while PVC cannot. Concrete decking is not as good as composite decking and cannot be made to look like wood. 


Composite decking is better than other decking types because it is durable, it looks like wood, and it requires little maintenance.

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