Composite decking board is resistant to moisture which makes it waterproof. This means that you can install it in an outdoor space. If you have a garden and want a durable decking material that will last long, you should consider composite decking. 

Why Composite Decking Boards Are Waterproof

Composite decking is a strong outdoor decking material that is made with wood fibre and plastic. This synthetic composite material is made in a factory where they are mixed with an adhesive and heated until they form composite boards. Homeowners have long used wood or timber decking before makers of composite decking develop it. 

Wood decking comes with lots of disadvantages which makes them unpleasant to install. Timber is a material that is less durable and breaks easily. Also, wood fibre has a surface texture that can easily absorb moisture. This means that water can easily damage a wood decking. If your timber decking comes in contact with moisture, it will take much of it and swell. 

When wood decking swells, it will rot if it doesn’t dry quickly or shrink if it dries fast. This makes timber decking not good for outdoor space. Makers of composite decking decide to solve this problem by developing a decking material that is good for outdoor space. Since composite decking is a mixture of wood dust and plastic, it is better than wood.

 Also, composite decking has a plastic capped or plastic-coated surface that prevents moisture absorption. When liquid or rain falls on your composite decking, it will remain on top and not get into the decking material.

Advantage of Composite Decking Waterproof

Resistant to Rot and Swell

One advantage of composite decking waterproof property or water-resistant property is that it will not swell. This is because swelling in a decking material occurs when it absorbs much moisture. After the decking absorbs water, it increases in size and distorts its shape.

 If you install this kind of decking board in your garden, the swelling will make the boards go out of shape. But since composite decking does not swell, it will remain the way you install it even when moisture is all over it. 

Composite decking will not rot. Rot in a decking occurs as a result of moisture. When the moisture doesn’t dry on time, then it begins to deteriorate. Unlike wood, composite decking will not rot.

Stain Resistant

Another advantage of composite decking waterproof property is that it is stain resistant. Wood decking absorbs water or moisture readily, and when oil or grease stains spill on it, it absorbs it. Composite decking has a plastic-coated surface that prevents moisture and any liquid stain from infiltrating it. 

This means that if oil spills on your composite decking, you can effortlessly remove it. All you need to remove oil stain is a brush that is soft and soapy water. Just scrub the oil-stained spot thoroughly and then rinse with a hose until it is clean.

No Need to Seal Your Composite Decking

Most homeowners seal their decking material because it absorbs much moisture. Wood decking, for example, needs to be stained if you want it to absorb less water. What it infers is that you must spend your cash on maintaining your wood decking regularly.

 Composite decking doesn’t need sealing because it will not take in lots of liquid from the air. This enables you to save your cash instead of purchasing the stain you will use to seal it.

Slip Resistant Surface

waterproof decking with slip resistant surface

Composite decking has a slip-resistant surface texture that ensures you don’t slip when you walk on it. If water or moisture settle on your composite decking, then you don’t have to be afraid that you will fall. 

Plastic wood decking slip-resistant and waterproof surface makes it easy for you to sweep water off the top of your decking. This makes our composite decking the best material for the damp British environment. Our composite decking boards provide a better traction grip for your feet when you walk on it.

Easy Maintenance

Another benefit of composite decking waterproof surfaces is that you can maintain it easily. This means that if oil drops on the surface of your decking, you can clean it fast. Also, you can remove algae, mould and mildew from the top of your plastic decking easily by scrubbing.


Is composite decking board waterproof? Composite decking is water-resistant. This means that your plastic decking board will absorb less moisture and will last long.

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