Composite decking is not cheaper than timber decking. When you go to a store to purchase composite decking, you will find out that it costs a little more than timber decking. But does this mean that you should not use composite decking to build your patio? To answer the question, let’s know more about plastic wood decking.

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a durable outdoor flooring material that you can use to build a patio in your garden. That is a short definition of composite decking, and it sounds like a kindergarten defining a term. To know why composite decking is a durable material, let’s look at its material composition. 

Producers of composite decking use wood and plastic to make their decking. That is why folks refer to composite decking as plastic wood decking. After gathering the materials, they take them to a factory where they process it and mix it with an adhesive to make them stay together. Then, they heat them until the mixture forms composite decking boards. After, they cut the composite decking board into shape so that you can use them to build your patio.

Composite Decking Cost

At this stage, you know that composite decking is a synthetic material that contains wood and plastic. Timber doesn’t have plastic; instead, it contains only wood fibre. Composite decking, being a synthetic material, cost between £27 to £42 per square foot. This means that if you want to build a composite decking in your garden that is 300 square foot large, you will spend £8100 on the project. Note that the amount you will spend on a composite decking depends on the brand of decking that you purchase and the grade of the decking.

 Some composite decking brands cost more than others. At the same time, some composite decking boards are of higher quality and top-grade. So, a top-grade composite decking will cost more than a low-grade composite decking. For example, Compositewarehouse’s Timeless collections of composite decking are of higher grade, and they cost more than their Essential collections. This does not imply that the Essential collections are not good. But the disparity between them is the warranty and how long the colour will last.

 Timeless composite decking will last for 25 years, while Essential composite decking will last for 10 years. Now let’s move to timber decking. The cost of timber decking is between £12 and £22 per square foot. So, if you want to build a 300 square foot wood decking in your garden, you will spend £3600. The price of timber decking varies depending on the brand. Also, there are two types of timber decking available in a store. There is the softwood, pressure-treated timber decking. And there is the hardwood decking. Softwood, pressure-treated decking is not naturally strong, so they require chemicals to make them strong.

 Makers of softwood decking will pressure-treat their decking so that it will be durable. The other type of timber decking is hardwood decking. This kind of decking material is naturally strong and does not require chemicals. Hardwood decking costs more than softwood decking. The timber decking price we mentioned above is for softwood. Hardwood timber decking cost between £22 and £27. So, you can see that the cost of hardwood is close to that of composite decking.

Why Homeowners Choose Composite Decking

Even though composite decking is more costly than timber, homeowners still prefer to use it when building a decking project. Let’s consider the reasons for selecting plastic wood decking.


Plastic wood decking is more durable than timber decking. It is resistant to insect attack. Aside from insect attack, composite decking will not swell, warp, or splinter when mother nature works on it. With regards to water, plastic wood decking will absorb little water than timber decking. Also, composite decking is resistant to mould and mildew.

Low Maintenance

With composite decking, you don’t have to waste your cash to purchase paint or stain when you are maintaining your outdoor decking. All you should do is clean your plastic wood decking with soap and water. Also, the process is easy and not an uphill task like that of timber decking. 

Aesthetic Value

outdoor decking is not cheaper than timber but more beautiful than timber

Composite decking is beautiful after you have installed it. You can get plastic wood decking of a different colour when you go to the store to purchase one. Also, the colour of composite decking will last longer than that of timber decking. Although your composite decking will lose a little amount of colour, it will stay beautiful for a long time.


Composite decking is not cheaper than timber decking. It is durable, beautiful, and it requires little maintenance. Composite decking ensures that you enjoy your decking instead of wasting time maintaining it.

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