For many years, many people have used wood to create decking for their patio. However, many companies started to manufacture materials that aim to serve as an alternative to timber.

 One such material is composites decking. When building decking, many like to compare prices between the materials.

Naturally, if you want to build a deck, you’ll want to save and get the most out of your budget. 

But as far as pricing goes, is composite decking cheaper than timber? Which one should you choose? 

Wood-Plastic Decking vs Wood Decking Price

Let’s start with the traditional decking material, wood. There are many types of wooden decking boards. Each of the types has different price ranges, along with various pros and cons.

The cheapest among timber decking are softwoods. Softwoods decking boards can range from £3 to £6 per metre.

If you count the labour, along with other expenses, you can build a 15 square metre deck for as low as £1000.

Another type of wood is hardwoods. They are slightly more expensive than softwoods. They come from trees which grow slower, hence the higher price.

For the materials themselves, you need to spend around £5 to £10 per square meter. For a total complete installation, expect to cash out around £1500 for a 15 square metre deck. 

Aside from the usual hardwoods, there are also exotic, higher-quality hardwoods. They are the most exotic types of timber, which can cost around £15 per square meter.

Ipe and Cumaru are some examples of exotic hardwoods. 

How about composite decking? Composite decking is much more expensive than softwood and most hardwoods. The average price of composite decking sits at around £6 to £12 per metre. 

The only types of wood that are more expensive are exotic hardwoods. For full installation, expect to shell out around £1800 for a 15 square metre deck. Of course, prices change often. 

From time to time, some suppliers offer lower prices for their materials, which is why some composite boards are cheaper than usual. 

Knowing that composite decking is more expensive, is there any reason to use it rather than going with wood? What are its advantages? 

Why Use Composite Decking?

Despite the higher price you’d pay for the materials, composite decking is worth more than most wood decking. Why so? Because composite decking is easier to maintain. How does this relate to cost? 

To preserve the quality of wooden decks, you will need to perform regular maintenance. In most cases, you’ll need to buy cleaning products specifically designed for the deck. 

Furthermore, you also need to sand, stain, and seal the deck every few years.

Buying the materials, from cleaning products to stains and sealants, can cost way more than you could have saved from building a wood deck instead of a composite one. 

As for composite decking, you don’t need to buy such products. All you need is to have a regular cleaning schedule, which includes thorough cleans at least twice a year. 

Another advantage of composites with wood is that it doesn’t have the same issue with wooden decks.

Some of the worst problems with wooden decks are that it’s prone to moisture damage and rotting. 

Wood can also expand and shrink, which can warp the boards. They are also susceptible to splintering and mould growth.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about these issues if you choose to build a composite deck. 

These are only a few advantages of composite decking over wood. If you want to know more details, you can contact a composite decking board supplier such as Composite Warehouse.

Should You Use Composite Decking? 

Finally, should you choose composite decking over wood? Yes. Composite decking are damage resistant, easy to maintain, and can last long. Also, composite decking are beautiful.

beautiful composite decking material

It also retains the wood-like appearance, making it a beautiful addition to your backyard. However, there are rare times where a wood deck can be beneficial. 

One example is when you’re building a deck and planning to sell your home property.

A wooden deck is the best value for your investment. But if you don’t plan to sell your home, a composite deck that can last for years is a better choice. 


So, you can see that composite decking is the best material to use for outdoor flooring if you are planning to build one.

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