Garden owners prefer a decking that looks beautiful, lasts longer and requires less maintenance. Composite decking is a deck any homeowners can use in their garden and get all the benefits we mentioned before. But the advantage of wood-plastic decking is more than that. Aside from being durable, composite decking is family-friendly. Every homeowner should consider the way their decking will interact with their surroundings before they install it. Also, your decking should go well with your family to make it better for your home. This write-up explains why composite decking is family-friendly. 

What Is a Family-Friendly Deck?

A family-friendly decking is a deck that is suitable for families consisting of parents and minor children. This kind of decking is safe and suitable for every member of the family. There are tons of decking out there, but few offer the family-friendly attribute of composite decking. You can consider wood-plastic composite decking as family-friendly because it is safe for both kids and adults. Let’s consider the reasons plastic wood decking is family-friendly.

Stain Resistance

Stain resistance is one reason homeowners can consider composite decking as a family-friendly deck. When you install a deck at home, you should expect to use it for your outdoor activities. Garden owners can party, eat and relax on their wood-plastic composite deck. Aside from that, kids can jump, play, eat and dance on their plastic wood decking. This means that installing decking in your garden will expose it to stain. Common stains that can affect wood-plastic decking are wine, oil and grease. Wine can spill on your wood-plastic composite when you and your buddies party on it. 

Oil can drop on your patio when you eat on it. Food and other organic materials can drop on your composite decking, but the deck will resist it. It makes composite the best material for all family members. And even when stain gets on top of your plastic wood deck, you can be assured that cleaning it will be easy. Unlike wood that absorbs stain and requires much effort to clean, composite is easy to clean with a little sweeping and brushing. 

Composite Decking Is Safe to Walk On

A family-friendly decking must be safe to walk on. This is because if you deck splinter or break, it can cause an accident for your family members. That is why when installing a deck, safety should be your priority. The composite deck is safe, and when you walk on it, there is no risk that it will splinter. Splintering and breaking occur when wood decking is exposed to the elements of nature. If your decking expands as a result of heat, it will splinter. Composite decking does not splinter and will not warp, break and crack. This makes it a safe surface for all family members to walk on and do other outdoor activities. So, garden owners don’t have to worry about accidents when they walk on plastic wood decking. 

Composite Decking Is Slip Resistant

Is Decking Family-Friendly?

When you install your deck outdoor, your kids will be able to use it for their activities. One common kid activity every homeowner should be aware of is play. Your kids will play, run, jump and even roll on your deck. Wood decking has a smooth surface that, when you walk fast on it, you can slip. The advantage of wood-plastic decking over timber is that it has a slip-resistant surface texture. The anti-slip surface texture has tiny lines that run through the boards and create friction when you walk on them. Slip-resistant surfaces will prevent you and your kids from falling when you use your deck for your outdoor activities. 

Beautiful Family-Friendly Colours

Garden owners that place value on colour can install composite decking. This is because wood-plastic decking creates an attractive theme when you build your deck with it. Aside from being visually appealing, composite decking is fade resistant. This makes garden owners use their deck for a long time than timber decking. Garden owners have the option to choose from a large collection of beautiful; colours. You can select grey, brown and black wood-plastic composite decks. And when you install a wood-plastic deck in your home, you can create a theme with other composite materials. 


Is composite decking family-friendly? Yes, plastic wood decking is family-friendly because it is safe to walk on, it is slip-resistant, stain-resistant, and it has beautiful colours that make it perfect for any garden. 

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