A back garden is where you can relax and carry out your outdoor activities with your family. Designing a back garden is every homeowner’s dream. So, if you have a garden in your backyard, you can install a good decking material to make it look good. One such decking that you can install is composite decking. If you wonder if composite decking is good for your back garden, we have written this write-up to inform you further. 

What Is a Composite Decking?

Composite decking is an outside decking material that you can use to make your backyard or garden look beautiful. The disparity between composite decking and other decking kinds is that it is a mixture of wood fibre and plastic. 

The wood and plastic combination of composite decking gives it a contemporary look. This is one reason composite decking is good for your back garden. When you install composite or plastic wood decking in your back garden, your backyard will be converted to a modern space fit for any outdoor activity.

Why Composite Decking Is Good for Your Back Garden

Plastic wood decking has many benefits that make it perfect for your backyard or back garden. 

Composite Decking Is Attractive

attractive decking in your backgarden

This is one reason why composite decking is good for your backyard. Composite decking boards come in a variety of surface textures that make them attractive. The colour of composite decking is beautiful, and it is unlike wood’s that have only the traditional wood appearance.

 Also, the large variety of surface pigment makes it possible for you to select any composite decking board you want. There are grey, brown, black, and anthracite grey composite decking boards. The good thing about plastic wood decking is that the wide range of colours makes it possible for you to create a consistent theme with other material in your backyard. 

Another good thing about composite decking is that the colour will not fade quickly like wood decking. The benefit of this is that your composite decking will last for a long time and the colour will not fade. 

This is particularly useful for a decking installed in a garden because it will have lots of foot traffic. So, when you walk on your composite decking, the colour will not peel or fade quickly like wood decking colour.

Composite Decking Is Easy to Maintain

This is another reason plastic wood decking is good for your garden. The advantages of easy maintenance are that you will spend much time enjoying your composite decking than maintaining it. Wood decking is not something you can maintain easily like composite decking.

 When you install timber decking, you have to sand, seal, stain or paint it if you want it to last longer. Composite decking does not require sand, painting, sealing, and staining like wood. All you must do is use fabric to wipe dirt off the surface. The maintenance process of composite decking is simple; that is why you will find it easy to clean it regularly. 

If the maintenance process of composite decking is difficult, you will not be inclined to clean it. Note that maintaining your composite decking affects its lifespan. A poorly maintained decking will become susceptible to insect attack and weather elements. 

Plastic Decking Is Durable

Every homeowner wants a decking that will last long. One decking that will last longer than others is composite decking. This decking type is durable and firm. Also, composite decking is lightweight and easy to lift. The good side of composite decking is that it will resist insect attack. 

So, this implies that when you install composite decking in your back garden, termites will not attack it. This is because composite decking has a plastic surface that is not food for insects. Another reason composite decking is good for your backyard is that it will not warp or break. 

Plastic Decking Blend with other Composite Material

decking in your backgarden

If you have a garden and install other composite materials in it, you will create a beautiful theme. You can install composite fences in your garden. An attractive fence with a colour that matches your decking will make your back garden look beautiful.


Composite decking is good for your back garden because it is attractive and easy to maintain. Also, composite decking will last longer than other decking material, and it will blend with other composite materials in your garden.

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