One common composite decking myth is that you don’t have to maintain it after installing the decking. Homeowners that are not aware of the truth will purchase their composite decking, thinking that it is maintenance-free. Eventually, the composite decking will lose its durability as a result of no maintenance. If you desire your plastic wood decking to last long, you must ensure you maintain it properly. That said, homeowners must follow the advice in this write-up if they want the wood-plastic decking to last longer. So, is composite decking maintenance free? Read this write-up to know more. 

Unravelling the Maintenance Free Myth

Engineers made composite decking so to be stronger and more durable than timber and plastic. The strength of wood-plastic decking makes it resist the elements of nature like moisture and heat. What this means for homeowners that select composite decking as their primary outdoor decking material is that they will enjoy the decking for a long time. This makes some homeowners think that maintaining their composite decking is not required since the material is durable. 

Every material, whether composite decking or wood, that is installed in the outdoor space need maintenance at one time or the other. Composite decking is not exempted. That is why it is not maintenance-free. In fact, lack of maintenance can make the surface of your composite decking decay or absorb moisture and swell. But the difference between lumber decking maintenance and timber is the way homeowners will go about it. If you install composite decking, you will find it easy to maintain it than wood. 

Why Composite Decking Is Easy to Maintain

The way engineers make composite decking is one reason it is easy to maintain. Composite wood decking does not require sealing like wood because the surface will not absorb moisture. The outer layer of composite decking has a plastic coating that stops water from entering the boards. Engineers describe this outer coating as a “force field”. This “force field” forms an outer shell around the surface of your wood-plastic composite. The outer shell is made of polypropylene coating, which makes composite decking resistant to stain and moisture. 

This implies that when maintaining their composite lumber decking, homeowners only have to give it a little cleaning to make the surface attractive. And since the “force field” prevent the UV rays of the sun from fading the fence, homeowners don’t have to paint their wood-polymer decking during maintenance. That is why composite decking is easy to maintain, but you will notice that composite decking is not maintenance-free. 

How to Do Composite Decking Maintenance

There are numerous ways homeowners can go about maintaining composite decking. You must ensure that you take care of your composite decking the right way. Let’s start by considering what homeowners should not do when taking care of their plastic wood decking. 

Don’t Use Chemicals to Clean Composite Decking

When maintaining your composite decking, one thing you should not do is use chemicals to clean the surface. Homeowners that are familiar with wood decking will know that chemical cleaners are used to remove strong stain or dirt. But since composite decking is made from inert material that repels stain or dirt, using strong chemicals to clean the surface is not required. Also, chemicals will fade the beautiful surface texture of composite decking and make it unattractive. In fact, using chemicals to clean your plastic wood decking surface is one way you can destroy the decking and the surrounding environment. 

Sweep Your Composite Decking

Homeowners must first sweep the surface of their composite decking to make it clean before they scrub the surface. You will need a broom for this easy sweeping task. Ensure that you remove any dirt stuck in the gap between the decking boards to avoid decay. 

Is Composite Decking Maintenance Free?

Use Soap to Clean Stain from Your Decking Surface

If you discover a stain on the top of your wood-polymer decking, you should ensure that you remove it using decking soap. We won’t recommend any soap to use; the regular kitchen soap will do. Pour the soapy water on your composite decking surface and then scrub it with your brush. Ensure that the brush you use is a soft one to avoid peeling the surface of your decking. 


Is composite decking maintenance free? No. Plastic wood decking is not maintenance free like some homeowners think. After you have installed your decking, you must maintain it to ensure that it last longer. The good side of wood-polymer decking is that it is easy to maintain.

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