In the past, most composite decking manufacturers have advertised their composite decking as maintenance-free.

So this made some homeowners think that when they installed their decking, they didn’t have to maintain it. But that way of thinking is a misconception.

Composite decking is not maintenance-free. When you build your decking with composite materials, you still have to clean or maintain it. 

Cleaning your composite decking makes it last longer because it removes anything that might destroy it. 

This task of tidying up your decking is similar to cleaning other household items. If you don’t tidy the items, they will fade away and might not work the way they are supposed to.

So, if cleaning is regarded as maintenance, then you have to maintain your composite decking.

 But if maintenance is viewed in the context of wood decking maintenance, then, composite decking does not need elaborate upkeep.

Composite Decking Vs. wood Decking Maintenance

Let’s look at wood decking maintenance before you understand why most composite decking manufacturers advertised their decking as maintenance-free.

Wood decking needs to be oiled, sand, painted or stained to make it last longer. This process of maintaining wood decking should be done at least once a year. 

Also, the process is difficult and consumes your time. It starts with sealing the wood decking with sealant. After, the decking is sand to peel off the former paint. 

And then, the decking is stained or painted to bring back the colour. You might even need chemicals to maintain your wood decking.

 Note that aside from all this maintenance, you still have to sweep wood decking regularly. So, you can see that maintenance can be separated from the regular cleaning that you will give a wood decking. 

Composite decking does not require maintenance in the form of staining, sanding, oiling, and painting. All you should do to maintain or clean your composite decking is to sweep it regularly.

This is why some brands promote their composite decking as maintenance-free. The point being stressed here is that unlike wood that needs elaborate maintenance, composite decking doesn’t need it.

 Simple cleaning will do, and it goes a long way to keep the quality of your decking.

How to Maintain Your Composite Decking

Keeping your composite decking clean will make it look good. Also, it serves as damage prevention. 

Sweep Your Decking Regularly

Sweeping your composite decking will remove debris and dirt from the top. Regular sweeping with a firm broom will make sure that organic materials will not remain on the surface and decay.

Twigs, leaves, and acorn should not be left to decay on your composite decking. 

If they are left to decay, mould or mildew can grow on the surface of your decking. When this happens, it can distort the beautiful appearance.

You should make sure you check the spaces between the boards so that you won’t leave dirt or debris hiding there.

 Also, when you remove dirt from the space, rainwater will run off easily.

Wash With Warm Water

Washing with warm water is another way of maintaining your composite decking. This method can be used if in or grease stain the surface of your decking. 

Do not let the stain stay long before you use warm soapy water to clean it.

Then you should spray the stain with the soapy water and brush it with the brush. Note that composite decking should be brushed in the direction of the grain.

After brushing your composite decking, you can rinse your decking with a hose to make it clean.

outdoor decking is not maintenance free

Rinsing your decking surface will make it look new and restore the colour.

Do you notice that you don’t need chemicals or bleach to do this task? This is how composite decking maintenance is different from wood decking. 

Sweeping and washing are the basic maintenance techniques of composite decking.

 Your composite decking might get damaged as a result of scratching or dragging heavy objects on top. Or, mould growing on the surface and distorting the beautiful appearance.

When this happens, you might consider giving your composite decking a different type of upkeep. Read more on how to maintain composite decking.


Composite decking is not maintenance-free. But one important thing to note here is that composite decking does not require the type of maintenance that you give to a wood decking.


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