Composite decking has a surface colour that will last longer than wood and will not fade quickly. Some situations might warrant painting your plastic decking to restore the colour. Is composite decking paintable? Although we do not recommend that you paint your composite decking, the answer to that question is yes.

Painting your composite decking should be a last resort, and you should consult the maker of your decking before you do so. This is so that you don’t want to lose the warranty on your composite decking.

When You Need to Paint Your Composite Decking

Scratches on the Surface of Your Composite Decking

When you install your composite decking, you have to take care of it so that it remain beautiful. If you drag heavy objects on the surface of your composite decking, it will scratch it badly to the extent that it will not be good to look at. 

While you can leave some scratches so that they will fade away by themself, some scratches just won’t. When the scratch on the surface of your decking is too obvious, you might have no choice but to paint or stain your decking. 

Mould and Mildew Growth on Your Composite Decking

Another reason you might have to paint your composite decking is if you have to remove mildew from the surface. Mildew grows on top of your plastic wood decking while mould grows underneath the surface of your decking boards. If you have to scrub and you by mistake, use a hard brush to remove mould, then you will scratch or peel your decking’s surface colour. 

Scratches are unlike mould and mildew or oil stains that you can easily brush away. The scratch will stick to the top of your composite decking because it runs deep into the boards. 

Homeowners have often made the mistake of scrubbing the top of their plastic wood decking with a hard brush and have discovered that it causes more harm than good to their decking surface. In this case, you will appreciate the fact that composite decking is paintable.

Changing Some of Your Decking Boards

Your composite decking boards can become damaged for any reason. When this occurs, you might have to change the damaged boards. This will make the newly installed decking boards to have a different colour from the remaining boards. When this occurs, you might have to give them a good paint or stain to match other boards’ colour. 

How to Paint Your Composite Decking

paintable decking material

Composite decking is paintable but remembers that you should not paint it unless it is necessary. Even when you decide to paint your plastic wood decking, you must use good latex paint. Using durable latex paint will ensure that the surface pigment will not peel on time.

Step One – Get all the Material that You Need

Before you commence painting your plastic wood decking, you have to get all the stuff you need. You will need buckets or buckets of paint depending on how big your decking is. Also, you will need a brush or a roller. Aside from that, you will need sandpaper to smooth the surface of your plastic wood decking.

Step Two – Remove any Object You Place on the Top of Your Decking

If you set furniture or chairs on top of your plastic wood decking, you should remove them before applying the paint. Also, if you place plants close to your decking, you should take them away.

Step Three – Clean the Surface of Your Composite Decking

You must clean the top of your plastic wood decking before you apply paint on it. This is because when you paint dirt with your decking, the dirt will stick to the surface. After cleaning the plastic wood decking, you can rinse it with water. If your decking’s texture is not smooth, you can use sandpaper to make it smooth.

Step Four – Apply the Paint

After you have cleaned your composite decking, you can then proceed to apply the paint. You should paint your composite decking boards along their grain. To make the task of painting more comfortable; you can add a long pole to your roller. When you have finished painting, you can then leave your composite decking to dry.


Is composite decking paintable? Composite decking is paintable, and you can do that with good latex paint. Note that we don’t recommend painting your plastic wood decking.

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