You are about to build or change your old decking, and you are wondering if composite decking is right for your outdoor project. No need to be afraid, composite decking is a better replacement for wood. This is because composite decking is stronger than wood. Let’s go through some attributes of composite decking.

What Is Composite Decking?

Although homeowners have used wood decking for a long time making it more popular, composite decking is coming up fast. Unlike wood that some homeowners considered natural, composite decking is synthetic. 

Another name for this decking type is plastic wood decking. This is because as part of its material composition, plastic and wood are present in it. Makers of this decking type mix the plastic and timber fibre and process them in a factory. 

There are several reasons composite decking is stronger than wood. Before we discuss why plastic wood decking is stronger than wood, let’s discuss why some homeowners think it is not strong. To start, composite decking is not a structural material like wood. 

This means that you cannot use it as a supporting material when you are building your home. You cannot use composite decking as a plank or roof beam. When you are making your decking with composite boards, you must add additional joist for support. It is because composite decking is not a structural material like wood that some consider it not stronger than wood.

Why Composite Decking Is Stronger than Wood

Composite Decking Is Durable

One reason plastic wood decking is stronger than wood is that it is durable. Durability means that composite decking will not cave in when weather and insects attack it. This makes plastic wood decking resistant to changing temperature, rain, snow, and termites.

 When termites attack composite decking, it will not eat into it and will not destroy it. Also, the changing temperature can destroy a decking material like wood decking. If composite decking comes in contact with changing weather, it will expand and contract without breaking.

 Also, composite decking is resistant to rain because it will not take in much moisture. Moisture causes swelling and rot in a decking material that absorbs it. Aside from moisture, an insect can eat into and destroy a decking material that is not strong. But composite decking will resist termites better than wood decking. So, durability is one reason composite decking is stronger than wood.

Composite Decking Material Composition

We have explained that composite decking is a synthetic material. Wood decking contains natural timber material. Composite decking is lightweight and strong. Also, the strength to weight ratio of plastic wood decking is high. 

What this implies is that makers of composite decking made it to be strong and light at the same time. So when you stand on a decking built with composite boards, you can be assured that the decking will hold your weight.

Other Reasons Homeowners Prefer Composite Decking

Composite Decking Is Easy to Maintain

decking that is stronger than timber

Maintenance is a crucial issue for decking owners. If you are building a decking, you have to consider the amount you will spend maintaining it before installing it. When you make composite decking, you will spend less taking care of it than when you build timber decking. 

The process of taking care of or cleaning your composite decking is more painless than wood. What you need is a broom to wipe dirt or mud off the surface of your decking. Besides that, you can utilise a power washer to spray mud from the top of your plastic wood decking. So, no need to sand or smooth the top of your decking. 

Also, no need to seal or paint composite decking. This will enable you to save the cash you would have spent maintaining wood decking. Maintenance is another reason homeowners prefer composite decking aside from the fact that it is stronger than wood.

Composite Decking Is Aesthetically Appealing

outdoor decking that is aesthetically pleasing and stronger

Unlike wood that has only one colour, composite decking surface textures are finished in different colours. This signifies that you can purchase light-coloured or dark-coloured plastic wood decking for a warehouse. 

Another thing about composite decking colour is that they are timeless. Timeless means that it will not fade quickly the way timber decking will. Although your plastic wood decking will lose a small amount of colour, it will remain shining for a long time. 


Is composite decking stronger than wood? Composite decking is stronger than wood because it is durable, lightweight and strong, and it resists weather and insects better than timber.

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